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    Cool Elementalis - Boost and Boost and Boost and Boost

    Well this is the second deck I've posted on here. And I feel like this one is a little more ready for the light of day than my first attempt, but then that deck got totally redone, and it's a lean machine of a Banebow Deck which you can see here.

    Now with that shameless plug out of the way, let's talk Elemental Decks:

    *Note* There are no SF cards in this deck.

    Cards: 45 (44 + Hero)

    Hero: Elementalis

    Allies: (16)
    1 Crystal Titan
    2 Death Collector
    2 Death Mage Thaddeus
    2 Furrion Terror
    2 Io Void Leviathan
    2 Magma Jackal
    2 Morbid Acolyte
    3 Spark

    Abilities: (24)

    2 Antimatter
    1 Bad Santa
    3 Bloodthirsty
    1 Conversion
    2 Energy Discharge
    2 Infinity Core
    2 Ley Line Nexus
    2 Life Infusion
    2 Mind Control
    1 Sever Ties
    2 Shadow Font
    2 Soul Reaper
    2 Super Focus

    Items: (4)

    2 Morphic Armor
    2 Shadowvein

    As you can see, this deck is all about boosting allies, getting more shadow energy, and boosting again. This deck is mean when you get into a rotation of ally, ability, and attachment. Particularly when the allies can boost themselves with abilities.

    The best starts with this deck always involve Spark. It can go, T1 Spark, T2 Santabomb, T3 Ability and Bloodthirsty or T1 Spark, T2 Spark, T3 Ability and Bloodthirsty. Both are just nasty, because by T3 you either have an ally with 3 attack and 4 HP or 2 allies, one with 4 attack and 5 HP and one with a solid 2-2.

    But that's only the beginning of the boosts you can have in this deck. I thought I liked Bloodstained Marauder in this deck until I switched him for DMT. DMT + Ellie's Ability + Bloodthirsty + Super Focus is just wonderful. I've had matches where Thad ended up sporting 10 or 11 HP and 7 attack without his ability. Dirty.

    The same can be said of Io Void Leviathan, who gets a double boost from Ellie's ability. And if you have both of your Io's on the board? Forget it, they just keep getting stronger between your and your opponents usage of shadow energy. In one match one of my Io's was at 11-10, that becomes some serious damage.

    Combining Ellie's ability with Death Collector is great, He ends up being your tank with all of his health and his huge attack. You can turn Morbid Acolyte into a big meat shield who busts enemy abilities. Morbid + Ellie + Life Infusion is a great defensive ally. Magma Jackal becomes even harder to kill and still keeps that cruel ability of his. And if you feel the need to break him out, Crystal Titan can be boosted into a great shadow energy engine and still will have a big health and attack presence.

    The final thing worth mention is the Use of Shadow Font and Shadowvein to boost your Shadow Energy so that you can keep boosting these kick-ass allies.

    Everything else is just kind of basic Elemental stuff. Mind Control: personally I hate it, but when you need an ally to disappear or even if you have board control and just want a little extra damage, it's a nice safety net. Morphic Armor's ability is good in a pinch, same with Soul Reaper. Infinity Core provides a steady health income should your opponent actually begin killing your buffed allies while recycling allies back into the deck.

    When it comes to match-ups, the only decks I've had problems with are certain Zaladar decks, everything else is a pretty even match. Rush decks tend to focus on getting rid of your allies, but that becomes difficult when your allies still have health to spare, even after a Nova.The only things this deck is relatively untested against are Priest decks. Just haven't encountered many lately.

    Enjoy the deck, let me know what you think about it, and please rate it and leave some feedback as to what you think or changes you would make!


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    Only 2 mind control s and 4 3 drops the horror

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    Deck is too inconsistent imo, too many x2s and not enough x4s. I suggest dropping a few cards to make room for x4 Mind Control (MCs are very important for most-if not all, Elemental deck. Especially in Elementalis decks, as Elementalis doesn't have innate control like his bro Zaladar), x4 Infernal Gargoyle (He's the best 3CC drop and a beast when boosted by Elementalis (dat health ), and if you EVER decide to run Spark, always run x4! Also, Ironhide Karash, Dark Flayer, and/or Carniboar would be awesome turn 2 drops.

    Thats my suggestion, go and tweak your deck to make 'em consistent. Drop the x1s and/or increase the x2s to x3s/x4s.
    Firesnakes are OP -.-

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    I agree with the above people that there are too many 1x and 2x cards, also it's kind of large to rely on so many conditional draw cards, people will do everything in their power to stop bloodthirsty, ley line nexus only works if they give you something to destroy and antimatter + infinity core are kinda putzy (they do IMO work better with Elementalis than Zaladar but you only have 2 of each). Whenever I make a new deck I almost always take 3 copies of 13 cards then add 1 more 1 cc ally (firesnake, spark or kristoffer wyld) and end up with a 40 card deck + 1 hero, and the deck will be consistent enough for me to figure out more easily what to change. Morphic Armor is useful, but personally I prefer Breastplate of Vitality since it boosts the health of all allies and you don't end up wasting 3se. Also, Interference can be a lot of fun along with it's older brother Shadow Font in an Elementalis deck, Interference though, I love this card. If you prefer to go the route of using additional attachments to boost allies then you need to put Xar Modulator in since he can rescue attachments out out of your graveyard, and that is very important to an attachment reliant Elementalis. Anyway, have fun deck building and good luck.

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