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    Quote Originally Posted by aashanon1 View Post
    I already have 3 Lone Wolf & 3 EA
    bt sm advanced players suggest not to use WBT with Moonstalker nd they r right.

    & also i was thinking of adding 3 WOF & nd 3 Crescendo to my deck nd its too expensive for me right now (2300 gold left ) so wht shd i do? i dont rush in with allies at th beggining so Crescendo seems to be a good option for me, wht do u say?
    If u really want to save your gold and don't want to waste gold or spend money, post your proposed deck here. Seek advice and help and refine it to a level that u are satisfied and then start accumulating gold to buy those specific cards.

    This way, you won't accidentally waste gold on cards that u realize later you don't need, like possibly crescendo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JUSTICAR View Post
    Dont buy crescendo... Its expensive, and you wont use that much.
    hmm.. thanks

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    Hey aashanon1'
    First off , welcome to the game and the forums! Glad your liking it and joining in.
    Don't quit your games vs a Mage or elemental or anything! you at least get exp pts for playing, which buy cards! Also you'll gain more knowledge about how to play vs other heros. You never know buddy , you might win and get gold and exp.

    Farm the AI. Play all the heros once to warm up and it don't take long, then go out and qm. This also helps you level up.

    Since I don't play Moonstalker ( wow, not in almost 2 yrs. ). All I know is the name of the game is delay, delay delay! And make your opponent waste thier cards!
    But somebody said PB, that and DMT, IG, DC, all standard allies.

    Check out the strategy section, bet there some good decks there.
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    My main suggestion is to getcards that can be used by many heroes so get cards like shadow knight, gargoyle, karesh, jasmine, aldonand many more. Pretty,uh ards that are staple allies in various decks.

    Also, you should check Raph's guide for DP in the new player section. Itcan give you some good basic decks that can be useful in QM.
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