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    Post Season reward email "bug"


    I was 8th in season 12 and recieved 5000SC and 2 foil legend, its completely OK.
    But the email which come ingame from Kyle ( probubly automatically sent ) was informing me to get 5000SC+4(!) foil legends. From various threads i know the reward i recieved was OK ( 1-5th place 4xlegend, 6-10th 2, and 11-20 one legendary foil ), but i still report it, because it can be confusing for players and also it means time outlay for wulven team, if someone will report "Why i recieved only 2 instead of 4?"

    But if you wanna give me 2 more legends, i will be very happy

    If this topic has already been mentioned or its in wrong section, please delete/close this thread asap.

    IGN: IKillUKillAll

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