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    Baduruu - Discordant Necromancer (Focus on discard and undead)


    ***Allies (24)***
    3x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Shadow Knight
    4x Death Collector
    4x Harbinger of the Lost
    4x Corpse Hurler
    2x Falseblood Cultist
    3x Der'kan, the Bone King

    ***Items (4)***
    4x Scheuth Tombstone

    ***Armors (3)***
    3x Night Prowler

    ***Weapons (8)***
    4x Thoughtripper's Cutlass
    4x Emore Crossbow

    TOTAL: 39 cards + Hero

    The deck is all ready quite good. But, I'm looking for suggestions to make it a truly great deck.

    It's got a pretty decent ally curve with

    4 2cc
    7 3cc
    9 4cc
    4 5cc

    Allies to work with. And the draw is pretty amazing. You've got

    4x Scheuth Tombstone
    2x Cultist
    3x Night Prowler (pseudo draw)
    4x Shadow Knight (pseudo draw)

    It's about keeping the heat on and disrupting your opponents hand. Do you think I need to have some ID? If so what would you recommend adding/dropping? Any other suggestions?

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    Hi there,

    Let's say an ally is disabled and got the curse of aldmor. Instead if an item destruction you'll need some Sacrificial Lamp to get another draw and to get rid of those disabled allies of yours.
    You got a lot of them so it's pretty obvious to disable one.

    I'll give it a try, I like Baduruu too


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    I liiiike it.. I did descent win streaks with something similar. Emore clears the board while the undead creep in
    And once his undead are killed, bone king comes in to never die, backed up by a continuing weapon summoning
    Here are some thoughts of what worked better for me:
    1- wrath of the forest was better than tombstone since it also served as a decoy for item destruction cards, thus protecting my weapons. also ravens gambit was not bad for me
    2- No heal. SS is still a great card imho.. maybe 2 SS :3 GD :3 EC... thoughtripper is elemental and rogue only no??
    3- Corpse hurler.. why? i can see much better cards taking his place (see number 4)
    4- No defensive cards whatsoever.. really?? what would you do against a snow sapphire or crescendo or armor of ages. Or anti matter or ill gotten gains... ... Id add 2 acid jet, and 2 SoV.. and dont forget shriek of revulsion- the evolved sever ties
    5- 3 night prowlers.. hmm do you need them all. Night prowler is a key card, either 1 can make you win, or even 4 cant.

    Do these changes and meet me in a QM.. im waiting in the 300+ rating

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