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    Lightbulb Nishaven's Burning Twilight Deck

    While decks normally go in Strategy, I was also told people playing BETA should post BETA topics here in Test Server. Not sure where to put this, I put it here so apologies if in the wrong area.

    The deck I have:

    4x Twilight Opportunist
    4x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
    3x Twilight Ritualist
    4x Phoenix Urigon

    4x Road Less Traveled
    4x Tome of Knowledge
    4x Fireball
    4x Supernova

    4x Boooomerang
    4x Ritualist's Headdress

    Thinking of tweaking this, it has potential to me and I don't just say that because it is the first deck I have won with in the BETA. 2-2 so far, almost forced a Praxix to a draw but botched my last turn card play.

    RLT is VERY good with Twilight allies and getting rid of opponent enchantments on my allies.
    Phoenix Urigon, not sure how useful it is so far here, only 1-2 times did it come back blazing in a way I could use it. Considering replacing it with the low cost Herald from DP because of the tricks I can do with Twilight and greater ability to play+boost Demetreyo and other allies.
    Might drop 1 Supernova for something.
    Considering going a bit above 40 cards with a few Static Shock to help finish off 5 health allies I see opponents using.
    Used Headress ability once so far, nicely done with Twilight before one of them self-kills itself.

    Overall, I think this is a decent starting point for Nish, I built this when looking at Twilight and remembering ally-less Nish decks from back in the CotC days. The idea is to hit hard and fast, I have managed one game to come back from being beaten down to 8 health due to card draw luck. Weaknesses I can think of, lack of cc4+ item destruction and healing.
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    I've been wanting to put together a Nilshaven deck but I've not really got around to any serious testing. Your deck looks like a good starting point.

    I hadn't considered using twilight allies, that could be an interesting route to go down. I've been using them in a Ythan deck and the combos are nice, but Demetreyo can be a little tricky to get into play sometimes. The real problem my Ythan deck has is maintaining board control and keeping up damage output late game. The direct damage of a mage could be a solution.

    Road Less Traveled, is a nice card, again I've been trying it with Ythan.

    Any particular reason you're not using Thunderstone Golem?

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    4x Boooomerang doesnt really make it
    I would substitute it for Flameforged scepter weapon (very powerful) ,Living armor or Snow sapphire armor , lay line nexus, Staff Of Disintegratio

    To handle Weapon or armor based heroes or to stop opponents allies
    2 Snow sapphire to handle Weapon based heroes or to stall opponent allies while your twilights die
    2 Staff Of Disintegration weapon to destroy any weapon or armor that comes around

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