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    Gold laced shield Bugz

    Hey guys,

    Gold laced shield is a 4 resources costing armor

    3 Durability
    2 Defense

    use armor: 1 Durability ---> Target friendly ally has +2 attack until the end of your turn.

    But when i use the last durability my ally gets + 2 attack and than the armor leave's play and the ally loses the +2 attack.

    is that a bug or is that normal..? the ability says it gets +2 attack and not it gets +2 attack while gold laced shield is in play...

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    Intended behavior I believe. There are various such of these item with durability costs that work this way, meaning it's often better to just let their last durability be used normally for blocking damage in the case of armors. Such cards like Gold-Laced Shield are dependant on the card actually being there still in play for the effect to work.

    Also, in Shadow Era there is technically a difference between the terms "has/have +X attack" and "gains +X attack". "Has/have" describes a temporary increase that is dependant on the card that causes the increase to still be in play (e.g. Gold-Laced Shield or Aldon the Brave), while "gains" describes a permanent increase that is independant of the card that causes the increase (e.g. Abomination Factory or Rampant Krygon).

    Confusing I know, but that's apparently how it works.
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