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    Lore Breakdown

    I did it! I found everything I possibly could about all of the available lore and tried to confine it to this one article. *Whew* I'm very surprised at how the deep the lore is. There are small details EVERYWHERE, you just have to look for them. This does include Shattered Fates cards, even though that doesn't really pop up too much. I made a lot of assumptions. The fact the DP Gwenneth's Flavor is "The lands of Irum teach little mercy" made me assume that she is indeed from Irum. Also there are a lot of cards with flavors that include these places or gods. I didn't include all those. You can find them for yourself Also, I'm sure I missed stuff or included stuff that doesn't belong. I plan on updating this once more information becomes available! So, I hope next time you play Arthyle's Crypt or Mystic of the Vale you actually know what those people did or where they're from

    Aldmor: An ancient civilization once located in the Wilds. This civilization had discovered amazing power. Cards: Disciple of Aldmor, Aldmor Conduit, Ascetic of Aldmor, Curse of the Aldmor, Aldmor Accelerator.

    Anmor: One of the seven gods of Layar. Cards: Anmor’s Horn, Anmor’s Call.

    Arada: One of the seven gods of Layar. Zhanna follows this goddess.

    Arthyle: Started the Last War in order to conquer Balor. Is considered a “Hero in the histories of Layar.” He was assassinated but the Hand of the King of Vozit. Was raised from the dead a thousand years later at the beginning of the War of Shadows and fights for the Shadows. Cards: Arthyle’s Crypt, Word of the Prophet (The artwork is a picture of Arthyle).

    Asyn: Most denizens from Thriss believe they are descended from powerful and terrible gods called the Asyn. These being destroyed much of the world and vanished after a great war. Only a few remained and it was from them that the Ravagers arose. Cards: Cleric of the Asyn.

    Balor: The “world” where the humans are from. Cards: Gunther, General of Balor.

    Braxno: A city in Gaderi. Cards: Braxnorian Soldier, Braxnorian Veteran, Braxnorian Temptress.

    Carmila: (A promo card) is captured by the Shadow. Arthyle tests a “weapon” on her. It gives her unimaginable power and she fakes her death and escapes. She hates both the Humans and the Shadow.

    Darkwood: Not sure if the “darkwood” part of Darkwood Wraith actually refers to anything.

    Dragons: There is a card named Dragon’s Tooth. Do or did dragons once inhabit Balor?

    Elemental: Zaladar, Elementalis, and Praxix are all considered Elemental. And they come from a place we couldn't understand.

    Ellos: The Southeastern country in Balor. Large verdant plains allow them to specialize in husbandry and farming, which gives them a steady source of cavalry and supplies. Jericho hails from here. See Unaxio. Cards: Rider of Ellos, Eleanor, Princess of Ellos.

    Emore: A world of pain and fire. Cards: Emore Crossbow. Molten Destroyer, Furrion Terror, Hellsteed are from here.

    Endia: One of the seven gods of Layar. Cards: Vision of Endia.

    Flaseblood: There are a few denizens of Thriss who do not believe in the Asyn. They think the "Blood of the Asyn" is a falsehood. Ergo, Falseblood.

    Gaderi: The country located on the west side of Balor. The Gaderi are barbaric desert tribes, who regard strength above all else. The Gaderi have an encampment in Thriss. Boris Skullcrusher is from here. Cards: Gaderi Barbarian, Gaderi Reaver, Karlstrad.

    Gromm: Good ol’ Gromm and his whip. Cards: Gromm’s Whip.

    Grundler: Grundler strong, but Grundler subtle. Which is Grundler’s double? Grundler is from an ancient Orem fairytale and nursery poem. Cards: Grundler’s Double.

    Guardians of Scheuth: Mentioned in Death Collector's flavor.

    The Hand: A Vozitian group. "Nightshade" is a code-name for a member of the Hand.

    Homunculus: Somehow related to Izikus, Lilyt, and undead magic.

    Irum: The western most country on the central continent of Balor. A stony wasteland outside of the Vale. The "capital" of Irum is the Vale, where the Queen of Irum rules. She is believed to be the vessel for the Swan. But only cities which pay homage to the Swan follow her rule. The outsiders follow the Raven and have their own set of laws. Belladonna was born in the Vale into the family of the Swan. Gwenneth Truesight is from here. Cards: Champion of Irum.

    Izikus: A mage who tries to bring inanimate objects to life. Cards: Wand of Izikus. His name is mentioned in the Abomination Factory flavor.

    Kairos: Means “Vessel of Destruction” according to ancient Balor texts. Cards: Kairos Doombringer.

    Kelvin: Scholar at the college of Ishbond in Lyth. Cards: Kelvin’s Charm.

    The Last War: The last war before the war of Shadows. Arthyle tried to take over Balor with his Layarian Army. This occurred approximately 1,000 years before the War of Shadows.

    Layar: The Middle-Eastern country on the central continent of Balor. Primarily a standard Medieval Kingdom. There are seven gods people follow here. Is where Mt. Balor is located. Rothem, Nishaven, Arthyle, Amber, Zhanna, Loest, and Gunther are all from here. Arthyle was the King of Layar a thousand years before the War of Shadows. Rothem is the King at the beginning of Call of the Crystals but mysteriously dies. The Shadows now rule Layar. Cards: Layarian Diplomat, Layarian Seductress. I think Carmila is also from here.

    Loesstin: One of the seven gods of Layar. (Related to Loest?)

    Loest: From Layar. Son of Wizent. On a mission to unify the Humans to destroy a “weapon” being built by the Shadow. Cards: Loest’s Burden.

    Lilyt: A Seril that tries to help Izikus animate the inanimate.

    Lyth: The northern most country on the central continent of Balor. The Lyth are highly intellectual and have one of the best colleges in Balor. This country was created during the Last War when General Arthyle sent a force on a pass between the northern mountains and Gaderi. The force was “caught” in the pass and formed Lyth. Kristoffer Wild comes from here. Lyth also contains Arthyle’s Pass (not exactly sure how this is related). A new weapon in SF is called Lythan Sledgehammer.

    Lythite: An almost unbreakable metal that comes from Lyth. Cards: Lythite Coating.

    Madelain: He’s got a scepter and he (is/was) involved in the Priesthood. Cards: Madelain’s Scepter.

    Man of Shadow: The mysterious leader of the Shadow.

    Minotaur: The minotaurs where held captive by the Wulven, but once the Shadow Gates opened they escaped. Logan leads the minotaur army. The only other “minotaur” card is Brutal Minotaur (I’m guessing).

    Mt. Balor/ Fort Rothem: King Rothem foolishly built his fort here. This is where King Rothem ruled Layar.

    Orem: A world where knowledge is valued. Baduruu, Majiya, and Lylit all come from here.

    Rackack: The world of the Snake. Firesnake comes from here. Yay!

    Ravager: The few remaining Asyn who have not vanished. They are from Thriss. They’re fury was unmatched and these beings were commonly called “ravagers.” They adopted this name once they joined the Shadow.

    The Raven: The god the tribes of Irum follow. Most of these followers become merchants or train armies. Cards: Raven Wildheart, Garth Ravensoul, Raven’s Gambit. Not sure if all these cards are related.

    Rilard: The Lord of Protection. One of the gods of Layar. Cards: Rilard’s Buckler.

    Reeph: A small village located in Layar. This is where Amber Rain is from.

    Rothem: King of Layar. Nishaven is blamed for his murder. Cards: Rothem’s Visage.

    Saymeht: The god of Retribution and Justice. One of the seven gods of Layar. Gunther follows this god. Similar to Unaxio. Cards: Saymeht’s Retribution, Helm of Saymeht

    Sceuth: A normal world turned undead by corruption. This is where the undead come from. Gravebone and Banebow both come from this world. Cards: Scheuth Tombstone.

    Seril: A type of gray elves, that come from Orem. Though, calling them en "elf" is insulting. Lilyt, Majiya, and Baduruu are Seril.

    The Seven: The seven gods of Layar. Endia, Zail, Saymeht, Anmor, Arada, Rilard, Loesstin. There are seven temples in Layar with these names. I’m assuming these are the seven gods. (There is a mention of the Seven Gods of Balor. I’m assuming this is incorrect).

    Shadow Crystals: Magical stones that give some unimaginable powers.

    Shadow Gates: These are portals that have connected Balor with other "worlds." The Sever Ties artwork is NOT a portal.

    Sindarok: Not sure what this is. Cards: Sindarok Apprentice

    The Swan: A living embodiment of the "creator" that the citizens of the Vale follow. She exists in the ruler of the Vale, who is a political and spiritual leader. An important figure for all religions and nations. The followers of the Swan are usually aristocrats, artists, scholars, or leaders. Cards: Irina, Guardian of the Swan.
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    Templar: A group of peacekeepers and guardians that resulted from peace between Ellos and Vozit. See Unaxio.

    Thriss: A world of brutality and dectruction. The ravagers come from here, which includes Ter Adun.

    Tinnal: The world where the Wulven and Minotaurs come from.

    Twilight: I have no idea.

    Unaxio: My understanding is that there are Twin Gods, Ellos and Vozit. And two countries Ellos and Vozit. These countries have a long history of fighting. During the Last War there was also a war between Vozit and Ellos. The “Hand” to the King of Vozit assassinated Arthyle to end the Last War, essentially saving Vozit and Ellos. This brought peace between the nations and a Brotherhood was formed. A brotherhood of peace. But ancient texts refer to Ellos and Vozit as on entity: Unaxio. So Unaxio is the god the Templars worship? Cards: Lots of Templar and Unaxio cards.

    Undead: A state that the denizens of Scheuth have brought upon themselves. A certain “magic” is used to give someone this relatively immortal state. All of the denizens of Scheuth were forced into this state.

    Urigon: Not exactly what this means or what it’s supposed to refer to.

    The Vale: A metropolis sized city. The "capital" of Irum. This is where the Queen of Irum rules. Howlfang attacked the Swan here, and was given the title “Terror of the Vale.” Cards: Mystic of the Vale.

    Voltar: He has a super cool ring that’s lightning! Cards: Voltar’s Ring

    Vozit: The Northeastern country of Balor. Serena is from here. See Unaxio. Cards: Vozitian Orders.

    Vreil: Part of Blake Windrunner's Flavor.

    War of Shadows: This refers to the war between the Humans and the Shadow.

    The Wilds: A place located in the southwest part of Balor. The Aldmor Civilization supposedly existed here long ago.

    Wizent: A priest (of Arada?). Father of Loest. Was granted the gift of prophecy and has given Loest the task of unifying the humans. Is dead. Cards: Wizent’s Staff, Wizent’s Prayer, Wizent’s Shimmercloak

    Wulven: An intelligent wolf like species that comes from the world Tinnal. On their home world they had enslaved the minotaurs. Cards: Too many to list.

    Yari: A group of mercenaries.

    Zail: The god of enlightenment. One of the seven gods of Layar. Cards: Zailen Crusader, Zail’s Hymn.
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    Link to a basic timeline by Warr Byrd! Here

    Known Worlds

    Human World
    Denizens: Humans

    Fire World
    Denizens: Hellsteed, Molten Destroyer, Furrion Terror

    Seril World
    Denizens: Majiya, Baduruu

    Snake World
    Denizens: Fire Snake

    Undead World
    Denizens: Undead

    Ravager World
    Denizens: Ravagers, Ter Adun, Falseblood Cultist

    Wulven/Minotaur World
    Denizens: Wulven, Minotaurs (Logan, Brutal Minotaur)
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    Looks pretty good. Putting all this together must've taken forever. Nice to have this in one place. Awesome job.

    To add in a couple of things, you forgot to list Vision of Endia as one of the cards under Endia. That would definitely be a related card.

    For Seril, I'm pretty sure that Majiya and Baduruu have been stated to be Seril as well as Lilyt.

    Also, I pretty sure that the Yari tribe have been mentioned to be mercenaries, hence why they will fight for either the human or shadow warriors. Also supported by Yari Spearman's flavor text ("Live to fight. Fight for profits").
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    Also Word of the Prophet's image is one of Arthyle. Just so you know.
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