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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    I've made about 15 decks with the new cards and my record is about 2-20.

    I seem to be the worst deck designer in the world. I'll post my latest deck and maybe someone can spot what I'm doing wrong.

    1 - Gravebone

    4 - Supernova
    4 - Meteor Shower
    4 - Shadow Font
    4 - Crystal Shards

    4 - Falseblood Cultist
    4 - Sun Blighted ONe
    3 - Flameborn Defiler
    2 - Dakrath
    2 - Scourge
    2 - Infernus
    2 - Kairos
    4 - Furion Terror

    40 cards.

    I know nobody uses Meteor Shower, but, I like how it targets all and works with Infurnis.

    So, I've got 8 draw cards. 4 Crystal Shards and 4 Cultist. Both work terrific with Gravebone.

    I've got 8 creature removal cards in 4 Nova and 4 Meteor Shower.

    I've got 2 Scourge for ID.

    And a ton of beef. I choose to only have 2 of each one due to the unique restraints and the fact that I can pull them from the graveyard.

    So, you deck design wizards please take me to deck design school. I really need the help.
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    Seems a lot of fire immunity in SF. Where's your LS?
    Where's ironhide?
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    First thing to ask yourself is why are you losing?

    From my perspective, there are a couple of problems in here.

    1. Your win condition is solely on discarding a fattie and bringing it back using GB ability and if it doesn't happen well your screwed. I can see your deck play out and your opponent just destroys the ally you bring back everytime. You do not have a complimentary ally to summon and support.
    2. Your discard is only 4 cards I believe only falseblood. You need maybe 1-3 abomination
    3. Draw cards. You need more than just falseblood. ToK or something else
    4. You need weenies. These will benefit you in early game.
    5. It is ideal to have more than one win condition so that if all else fails you have a backup plan
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    Consider that 3cc allies are the most important allies in the game , unless you are running a semi- solo or solo deck , 8 is a minimum number of 3cc allies in most deck . Also , you don't need that many fatties , consider that you can keep recycling the same guy over and over with Gravebone . Even when your fatty hits the field , no one will care about it because you are almost dead anyway .
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    You have a lot of fatties to use your ability on, and a lot of extra shadow energy (4 fonts), but not enough ways to get then into the graveyard. I would consider adding 3 abomination factories if I were you. You're also need some more low-mid cost allies... Maybe karashes and morbid acolytes? It's also pretty weird not to be running fireballs as Anaheim, they're incredibly good cards. To compensate for all the additions take out some fatties. You have 15, where's even the heaviest late game decks never really use more than 8. If I were you I would go
    -3 flameborn
    -4 furrion
    -1 meteor shower
    -1 nova
    +3 abomination factory
    +4 morbid acolyte
    +2 karash
    That should help a bit, but you could definitely do more to make it competitive... Exchange the meteor showers for fireballs and lightning strike, maybe cut out another fatty, experiment with other 3 drops... There's a lot of room to grow and discover new things since the reanimator Gravebone is a new style of deck with the new expansion. Good luck!
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    Okay, I haven't played much Gravebone on the Beta, but I'm a pretty avid Gravebone player on the live Server. (So that's why you should listen to me )

    First off I don't like your draw situation. Crystal shard might mesh with Gravebone, but your opponent can also use it, so you might only get to use it twice. And also I wouldn't really consider Falseblood Cultist a draw (more like a weird cantrip). So I would definitely have something more permanent, like Tome of Knowledge or Sac Lamb. Uhm, cards in the beta would include Scheuth Tombstone, but you would need to focus more on undead.

    Now you have 4 furrion terror, 4 supernova, and 4 meteor shower. What if you just want to kill one opposing ally? Wasting a Meteor Shower or Supernova is very wasteful, so you really need some spells that can just target one or two allies like fireball, or lightning strike. So it's fine if you want to keep Meteor Shower, but you need more of a balance. Like 3 fireball, 2 Lightning Strikes, 3 Meteor Shower, 3 Supernova. I would remove Furrion Terror to make room for all these spells. He's not really worth bringing back and you should have all these spells to deal with allies.

    Now if you find you're losing the board quickly, it's because you don't have any little stuff. What if you're opponent rushes you? You're going to wait till turn 5 and Supernova? By that time you've already lost. So I would include at least 3 2cc allies. You've got a lot to pick from, Karash, Fatebeak, Brutalis, so just pick your favorite. I even run Twisted Familiar in my Gravebone deck (goes well with ToK).

    Now Sun-Blighted One is a great 3cc drop for Gravebone, but what if you go up against someone where it's a terrible idea to give them Shadow Energy? (Like Zaladar). I would add at least 3 other 3cc allies for those times you don't want to use SBO or when you just don't draw an SBO. Again, add you're favorite.

    I don't like Shadow Font with Gravebone. If you have to use it, I wouldn't use 4. I mean let's say everything goes as planned, you discard something big and summon it T4. You're not going to be able to play Shadow Font, Discard something else big, and then summon it again. Might as well just play a Flameborn Defiler from your hand.

    Now your big guys. You've got to many. They're great and Gravebone probably needs more than most decks, but people have Crippling Blows, and Mind Controls and Perfect shots. . . etc. Bringing back a Flameborn Defiler or Plasma Behemtoh is not the end of the world. So I would include 4 7cc/6cc guys and 6 5cc guys, but not Furrion Terror, you already have Supernova and he has so little health that he's too easily killed. So taking into consideration your cards above, I would make a deck something like this:


    3x Fireball
    3x Lightning Strike
    2x Meteor Shower
    4x Supernova
    2x Shadow Font

    3x Ironhide Karash
    4x Sun-blighted One
    2x Morbid Acolyte
    3x Falseblood Cultist
    3x Flameborn Defiler
    3x Plasma Behemoth
    2x Kairos
    2x Dakrath

    4x Tome of Knowledge
    2x Shriek of Vengeance? (I don't know all the new Item Destruction Cards)

    I thinks that's 43 cards. Don't worry about going over 40 especially in the beta. You got to try new stuff out

    Sorry about the TL;DR and sorry if I ever sounded too harsh. I just saw potential in this deck, but it was too focused. Too many things can go wrong. Remember you're rarely going to get the perfect hand, and your opponent is trying to ruin your plans the entire match

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    I played some games with the following deck. Won most of them although there is nothing particularly tricksy, well tuned or OP about it has fast draw and a decent resource curve:

    40 cards+ hero


    2 Plasma Behemoth- still in many cases the fatty of choice to bring back to the board (crippling blow, stealthed allies) and can also be cast on turn 5.
    1 Infernus, 1 Kairos- the steadfast crew for those likely to carry retreat, banash or dagger of unmaking.
    1 scourge colossus- item destruction. OFC you are not guaanteed any of them early game but in most situations a couple of them are fine for your purposes so it doesn't matter which one you get.
    1 Dakrath- for completeness (not a good reason but hey its not a tuned deck). You could go all dakrath and have the 4CC undead which gets +2/+2 when you have enough undead in your graveyard but I haven't tested that).
    ould probably drop1-2 of the fatties tbh. Only one copy of each of the unique big guys to prevent issues with casting.

    4 harbinger of the lost- great T2 drop when you get 2/4. Makes a huge difference to GBs early game. Also potentially chucks an ally to your graveyard which can be handy in several cases (in this deck if its a fatty or an undead ally/cryptspawn hound.
    4 Falseblood cultist- casts your chosen fatty to the grave and provides draw while increasing pressure, great.
    3 DMT (ability damage and the ever useful ping.
    4 Death collector- most threatening 3CC undead.
    2 Cryptspawn hound- brings up to nine 3CC allies for consistency and has a useful if situational ability.

    3 Necromancers shroud- initially just for a test, its proved quite handy it allows you to prepare for an epected tempo swing in the future without using resources on that turn. Also good for board wipes and for not overstacking the board against yari marksmen or the hunter who poisons and disables all your allies on board. Often another 3CC2 might be just as good, but at present I prefer having the shroud. Some utility in that you can select ability damage (DMT) against stealthrd allies or when you just need to weaken something or combat (crypspawn/death collector). Against something on the board already a fireball would do the job just as well but you can't sac it and using the shroud means you can save your burn.

    4 Sac lamb- provides 3-4 cards of draw in this deck (4 if used on cryptspawn hound since he will return to your hand). Works well with necromancers shroud (summon cryptspawn hound then sac it. So a possible T5 is shroud + sac lamb.
    4 Nova
    3 LS (necromancers shroud provides assistance against fire immune allies so LS is slightly less necessary)
    4 fireball.

    Possible tweaks: drop a fatty or two and one nova for Baleful transmogrification might be a good idea. Or drop them for Derkan or Gravemonger. Derkan also has a nice synergy with sac lamb. Alternatively add in a couple of scheuth tombstones for even more draw and resource renewal.

    Currently 0 item destruction apart from

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    I like this point :
    2 - Dakrath
    2 - Scourge
    2 - Infernus
    it give more power when l play


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