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    What does 'Readied' mean?

    I'm looking at the card Justicar's cape and trying to figure out what it does. A target Templar is 'readied'. Does that mean one just summoned can attack as though it had haste? Does that mean one that was exhausted due to attacking is unexhausted and can attack again?

    Oh, I tried to look this up in the rulebook before asking. That was kinda pointless.
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    "Ready" is the opposite of exhausted and is the act of making your cards no longer exhausted found under the key terms in page 18 of the rulebook. Normally, your allies are readied at the end of your turns but Justicar's Cape allows you to manually ready a Templar ally so that it can attack and activate abilities right away. Do note, however, that you will still only be able to activate an activated ability once a turn so if you have done so earlier in the turn you wont be able to activate them again.

    In practice, this card can be used both for the purposes of granting a pseudo-haste to a templar ally or to allow a templar ally to attack twice in a single turn.

    Hope that helps!
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