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    The bigger they are the harder they fall Ruling

    This question is in regards of " the bigger they are" and "the harder they fall"

    Hi what happens if there are two allies with same health? Both allies on opposing board? One friendly and one opposing?

    Also, what happens if there are two cards with same attack? Both allies on opposing board? One friendly and one opposing?

    Thanks. =]
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    In the case of a tie, the Standard Resolution Order (SRO) will be used to determine which ally will be killed. For example, if we both have 2 allies with 5 attack/health that are all tied for the highest attack/health and it is my turn we will resolve the scenario by checking my board first (because I am the turn player) and then killing whichever ally I had that was played first. If it is my turn and all four 5 attack allies belonged to you, then we will kill the one that you played first.

    Basically, it's important to remember that the game will kill your allies first when you use The Bigger they are/The Harder they Fall in the case of a tie so plan accordingly!

    Hope that helps
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