***Allies (24)***
4x Keldor
4x Chimera
4x Carniboar
4x Bloodstained Marauder
4x Death Collector
4x Xar Modulator

***Abilities (8)***
4x Mindless Ferocity
4x Bloodthirsty

***Armors (4)***
4x Breastplate of Vitality

***Weapons (4)***
4x Dimension Ripper

TOTAL: 40 cards + Hero

It's just a fun take off Edgenel's elementalis deck. All the creature choices were made with an eye towards growing. (why else would you ever use Chimera?) It's easy to get a 8, 9, 10, 11 attack creature going, only to sadly watch it be zapped with a single 2cc spell...

At any rate, if you like things that get big, this might be a fun little deck for you to try.