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    What do you think of this Victor deck?

    Victor Heartstriker

    ***Allies (27)***
    2x Puwen Bloodhelm
    4x Aldon the Brave
    2x Tainted Oracle
    3x Aeon Stormcaller
    4x Artful Squire
    4x Fleet-footed Messenger
    4x Champion of Irum
    4x Layarian Seductress

    ***Abilities (4)***
    4x The Perfect Shot

    ***Armors (4)***
    4x Wrath of the Forest

    ***Weapons (4)***
    4x Soul Seeker

    TOTAL: 39 cards + Hero

    It's not bad at the early game and fatties are not a threat later on. I chose to take FFM over Jasmine in this deck. It's pretty important to get ONE Perfect Shot in your hand/graveyard and he helps with that. Also I like how you can use his haste to combine with your 2cc drops at times when you don't have that Aldon. And lastly, he's a nice finisher for those 1 Health allies you see a lot of.

    Victor is one of those less used heroes any way to make this a stronger deck?

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    Interesting deck. I personally prefer poison arrows in my victor deck because its cheap and well victor's ability is practically perfect shot. I think 4x squires is too much I would rather have 2-3 max. Also, you have way too much Champion of Irum. My suggestion is either to have a 3/3 split of puwen/CoI or 3/2 split + 1 ally somewhere else. Sometimes CoI's uniqueness bites you in the arse
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    I agree with joey, and i also think u need sandworms. Vic needs a constant presence on his board and a worm fill this role nicely. Im ok with the 3x aeon cuz you reall want to play him asap.

    -4perfect shot
    -2 champ
    -1 Aldon

    + 4PA
    + 1 LLN
    + 1 Sever
    + 3 Worms
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