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    Shadow Knight beatdown


    ***Allies (4)***
    4x Shadow Knight

    ***Abilities (18)***
    4x Poison Arrow
    4x Bad Santa
    3x Bounty Hunter
    4x The Perfect Shot
    4x Word of the Prophet

    ***Items (8)***
    4x Net Trap
    4x Evil Ascendant

    ***Armors (2)***
    2x Spelleater Bands

    ***Weapons (7)***
    4x Soul Seeker
    3x Crescent of Doom

    TOTAL: 40 cards + Hero

    So, the idea here is to only have 4 shadow knight allies. That way you know every time you play one you get another back. The problem is getting 2 of them into play to begin with. To do that I have 4 bad santa and 4 word of the prophet. You are just searching for Shadow knights mostly here.

    Then you want to be able to cast two or even 3 shadow knights per turn. To that end I include the Bounty Hunter/Poison Arrow/Net Trap/Perfect Shot/Evil Ascendant/Banebow Ability combo. You are looking to get one Bounty hunter into play then start building your resources to fuel those massive Shadow Knight drops.

    Might need some Shrieks in there, not sure yet.

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    Slow BB control decks run ito seveer problems against decks with weapons and decks with good idem destruction. Still the archtype does work.

    Enjoy your deck.


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