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    Zhanna's anti-rush


    I used to play other decks but i get crushed by so many rush decks these days, i wanna share with my fellow-priest users how i deal best with those amber and elendar rushes....

    Hero: Zhanna Mist

    3x Birgitte Skullborn
    2x Aldon The Brave
    4x Priest Of The Light
    3x Champion Of Irum
    4x Elizabeth Winterborn
    3x Knight Of The Golden Dawn

    4x Ice Storm
    4x Focused Prayer
    4x Banish
    1x Resurrection

    4x Treasured Heirloom
    3x A Legend Rises

    Weapons & armor:
    4x Wizent's Staff
    2x The King's Pride

    Total cards 45 (+ Zhanna is 46)

    The idea:
    Survive early game by summoning birgitte skullborn and killing weak rush allies with ice storm. Use banish on stronger allies or allies that are buffed up. If your opponent starts playing any draw boost cards do the same. In the end you should win this with siginificant amount of extra draw cards (treasured heirloom, elizabeth and staff). Resurection and The Kings pride are there to bear non-rush enemies because this deck can survive a long run as well. Remember that a legend rises ignores negative attachments and can make your knight of the golden dawn a huge ally (amber uses crippling blow, you use a legend rises, knight deals 8 damage).

    The only card i would see fit in this extra is Sever Ties to remove powerfull attachments on enemy heroes.......but instead if what?
    Tidal wave is a great card, but i prefer banish & ice storm over it (enemies likely won't place too much allies on the board anyway if they suspect you might have a tidal wave).

    Looking forward to reactions
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    i like it, kinda "generic" for a non tidal wave approach. how well does it play in the 265+ ratings
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    A couple of thoughts.

    - If you can handle a rush, perhaps Jericho would work even better. You'll have to decide how necessary that extra bit of healing is, but, if you are facing Amber a lot being able to kill those Blood Frenzy might have more value than 3 health.

    - Have you thought about Radiant Wisp? I always wonder why it's not included in decks that are all ready running 7 creature attachments.

    - 4 Elizabeth Winterborn seems a little high to me. Perhaps take it down to 3 and replace with something else? Maybe another Aldon?

    - 4 Treasured Hierloom is probably a bit much. I'd drop 1.

    - Resurrection seems like an unnecessary card to me. I'd take it out.

    - I've been on the bad end of Aeon so many times I can't count. I'd almost consider him an auto-include. It's just personal preference but, I'd swap out the 3 knights for 3 Aldons.


    -1 Treasured Heirloom
    -1 Elizabeth Winterborn
    -3 KotGD
    - 1 Ressurection
    -1 Zhanna

    +1 Jericho
    +3 Aeon
    +1 Aldon

    Bringing you down to 44 cards.

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    I dont think dropping draw cards is a deck this big is a good idea....but if i did, it would be the Heirloom. Potl is just too weak for me to use. I would drop them and add 3x seductress, that will help with the rush as well. But i agree about KOTG, swap him out with Aeon. Also, 3x ALR is too much, i agree with wes on that too.
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    If you want to play anti rush you need to have a slim deck and have low cost stuff. Right now a slghtly bigger deck technically hurts your icestorm chances and with only 3 brigitte and 3 CoI odds of getting them turns 1 and 2 respectively are pretty low.

    Cut the 4 THs you already have 8 draw cards if you do not want to cut all 4 cut 2 and an Elizabeth.

    3 ALR is too much. Against non-warriors it is not great and it is unique so while a strong card 2x is plenty.

    Resurrection is not really needed in QM unless it is a big part of your strategy based on the rest of your cards I just can't see it being so.

    Add 1 CoI. So that would be -5 or 6 cards and +1 putting you at 41 or 42 total not bad.

    Also interesting with no TW never really a fan of TWless decks but they are cool if you they work for you and you are not playing Bo3.


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