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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Ak View Post
    WotF is good, but it's got two main issues:

    1- if u play it early it slows u down
    2- good players expect the t4 WotF when they face BB
    This is extremely true. You have to play WotF at the right time or else you lose too much tempo.

    But regardless of the issues it may have, it is still a desirable card to have as it is the only real draw engine Banebow can use effectively. Pride of the Mountain is mostly dead as you would probably be doing so many kills with Furrion Terror, DMT ping and Banebow abilities losing out on a lot of cards. And Survivalist is just too situational to use.
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    +1 to ^^ that,

    ...i never said he should not run WotF, i myself use it in every BB deck, just that i hardly put 4x, since i usually don't play it till i have 6-7 resources so that i can play it along with an ally. Wulven Tracker surely does help as an extra draw, he would be preferrable t4 over WotF. Sac Lamb is imho a must in this warrior heavy meta. maybe...just maybe BB could do w/o WotF, running 4x Tracker, couple Sac Lambs and a BloodThirsty (Wulven Tracker with Bloodthirsty on it would be a beatstick, but i guess its better to play Bloodthirsty on something else than tracker in most of the situations, simply to make it harder for your opponent)
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    Neat ideas in there, though if you're running Net Trap you might as well use Snares instead. They don't require you do eventually pump even more control into them and they help clear the stage for your Bella/Tracker just as well.

    Also DMT. With all these 5hp allies around you just need him. Take out PA or PS for him.

    You'll have trouble vs warriors, hence i suggest replacing the LLN which don't really serve a purpose with Ties. Maybe -1 Bella for a 4th Tie, too.
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