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    Exclamation new guy needs some advice, thank you

    Hi, everyone, I just play this game for 5 days and it's the second time I post a thread here. THe first time I posted a thread in a wrong section and got little replies, hoping this time get some more. I don't have much time to go through all the articles in this section. if you know some other threads can help to my questions, please let me know and I am really preciated.

    it's said that as a general rule that the number of cards should be as close to 40 as possible so that you can get the cards you want faster. And there comes a problem. I am level 10 now and I spent to first 200 crystals to buy the human mage decks(is that an elemental deck?) and sold for gold. I have 53 three cards in total with Eladwen. At first I just put 45 cards in the deck to keep it elite and efficient, and it always worked. but later somehow I have some opponents(mostly warriors and elementals) that have a huge pack and have abilities to retrieve allies from the graveyard
    Infinity Core
    Arthyle's Crypt
    so his cards won't be exhausted, and they also have some abilities to retain health(like healing by 2 when an ally is killed). My cards was drained and my damage was all depleted by their allies
    Ogloth the Glutten
    Earthen Protector
    etc.) And It is more hopeless if the got some other shadow allies in hand like
    Shadow Knight
    Molten Destroyer
    Brutal Minotaur
    (Is the shadow ally more powerful?maybe I should change to Majiya). My deck has a lot of allys, but it seems useless when I counter on those. Is that because I don't have Aeon and some other long-standing allies? if you have some suggested allies, please tell me. Otherwise give some advice on my deck so I can handle this kind of situation rather than just run away. My deck is kinda rush type, I didn't spend money on the game so I don't have much budget to buy new cards. My deck goes like this:

    4x Kris
    4x Puwen
    3x Aldon
    3x Priest of the Light
    4x Armored Sandworm
    3x Tainted Oracle
    4x Fireball
    2x Poison Gas
    4x Lightning Strike
    3x Tome of Knowledge
    2x Portal
    2x Supernova
    3x Retreat
    3x Honored Dead
    3x Bazaar
    1x Bad Santa
    1x Voice of Winter
    2x Artful Squire
    2x Rider of Ellos

    will buy Aeon, Bad Santa, Portal, Honored Dead, LLN, Snow Sapphire, Fleet-footed Messenger, Layarian Seductress,.

    So I would got these cards, give me some opinions about what cards should be in my deck to handle that kind of situation I mentioned before. I want my deck to be able to rush a game as well as stall the game when I face a not-easy to kill opponent. Thank you for your advise and no personal attack please.

    PS: you can reply in Chinese or Japanese if you prefer.
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    Hello idk and welcome to the game/forums. There seems to be too much going on with your deck at once, you have cheap and hasty allies that seem you are going for a rush deck but then you have high cost allies and ability cards that make it appear its going in the direct of a controlled/burn style deck. Would suggest picking a "theme" for your deck and include cards that center around that.

    There is a website called Scholars of the Shadows which features an excellent Eladwen Rush deck with a full detailed strategy guide and a gameplay video to go along with it. Might be worth a look into. Here is a link for the website:

    I hope it helps and best of luck!
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    Try to keep it at 40 cards so as to maintain its consistency, and as for rush decks, poison gas is redundant and portal doesn't really favor eladwen that well, it slows him instead imo. As for dealing with any decks, speed is the key, u might wanna consider putting in 2 sever ties to deal with warriors' enrage and if ur facing a rampage deck which heals 2hp per ally killed, you can consider keeping all your spells and sacing the monsters instead, let him have nothing to heal with and aim those spells on the hero, as for dealing with zaladar, try to save your squires for their anti matter, that's their key drawing card.

    In short, i would suggest
    -2poison gas
    -1 tomb
    -2 portal
    -2 rider
    -1 honored
    -3 bazaar (3 bazaar isnt required as you already have more than enough drawing power, and its a double edged sword as well)
    +1 santa
    -1 voice of winter

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