Hello everyone, I am a new player of the Shadow Era. It's the first time I post a thread on the forum. If it has any problems or somewhere to improve, please tell me. Now I am level 8 in 3 days, and I won a lot with my current deck going with Eladwen. I didn't spend money on it, and I used my first 100 crystals to buy a human mage deck. My current deck goes like this:
poison gas
4Lightning Strike
2arcane burst
bad santa
voice of winter
2artful squire
2rider of ellos

Seem complicated? Yes, I sold all the other cards and use my gold to buy this. And, this deck sometimes seems a little bit tricky against the other players. I would rather like to rush the game, but sometimes the right cards just disappear..

Normally, I win most of the worriers when I pile up with allies and abilities. It's just kinda troublesome when I face the hunter and wulven and
mage with portal and dagger of Unmaking(I found the words I organized before just die away). Ok, obviously my deck has a lot of disadvantages but I have to use it right now since I don't have gold. I know aggro, control and stall these three game styles, but I don't know how to reconcile these three styles so I can face every situations flexbly. For example, sometimes I want to rush, but the opponent has a lot of weapon and armer, as well as a lot of protecter, and I suffer attack from those ally like sandworm, aeon, braxnorian soldier and so on. so I bought two artful squires, two supernova and voice of winter in a fit of pique(no gold for LLN). ok, something is said.

another problem is that I found cards that have resorces of 4 or more seem useless some time. I often pile up with cards over 3 resorces at the first round and I hesitate which card to sac. for example, I have poison gas, puwen TO, rider of ellos, retreat, bad santa and portal at the first round, and the following cards are all four-resorces. I was suppress by the opponent and since I sac a lot of 4-resorces cards, I lack control and attack power when the game goes on. If I started with kris and some other 2 or 3 resorces cards, it would be easier, but still it seems the longer the game takes, the bigger probability I lose. I always have games that I threw out bundles of fireballs and lightning, and the opponent was dying with less than 7 points, and I found out that I don't have allies or abilities to use, and I always lack cards in my hand after several rounds of bombardment. and the opponent started to strike and piled up allys and at that key time, I just didn't get the supernova, and I died after the trample of the allies(I just escape in order not to see my dying). That is always something I think about. I know I should get some gold and exchange some cards in my deck, like priest of the light, aeon, honored dead more bad santa. I want to control the game(I would prefer to rush if it works), which means I need some protectors and armors so I can stay longer? Since it says cards should remain under 45 or 42, would it be too many cards if I use them all? And someone says that those high attack ally should bind with portal, how about that. and LLN, sever ties, dagger of unmaking,layarian seductress, for a stall game? and say something about gunther,
and the mage items and abilities at the 17 pages in the merchant? I just get lost my direction after viewing so many opinions of the other excel players. Thank you very much!

PS: you can send your opinions in Chinese or Japanese if you prefer.