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    Delayed Death Bug

    Delayed Death Bug: The game takes a few seconds to reset ally's health while it's on the field before it dies which can be seen by it 'gaining health' (green numbers) right before it dies; happens a lot with Champion of Irum, and allies whose health has changed in general.

    This glitch looks bad visually and can easily confuse new players; "Why is that ally gaining health? I thought I killed him." The ally will die afterwards so it's not a big deal, but it really slows the game down.

    The real issue with this glitch is that it encourages the disappearing card glitch to happen more often as it delays an animation making the user impatient which makes them play a card while an animation is going on, which usually makes their card disappear.

    This glitch also happens with artifacts and items which raise an ally's health. Some of these items include The King's Pride, Breastplate of Vitality, and Nourishing Spring.
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