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    Reason cards disappear - Biggest bug in game atm

    If the game is still completing an action and you send it another one, the action you try and do will almost always fail.

    This is very easy to do with Mind control. Get yourself enough resources to play Mind Control and then another card or attack with an ally when Mind Control is still completing it's animation. To see the bug easily, while Mind Control is still going through it's animation, quickly play the next card (Bad Santa, Sac Lamb, Transference, Sever Ties, and Here Be Monsters all would work well) or attack with one of your allies or weapons. What will happen is that once Mind Control finishes the game will stop whatever action is going on which will make your abilities or cards played simply vanish and will exhaust any allies or heroes you attack with without them dealing any damage.

    The reason this happens so frequently with Mind Control is that it takes so long to complete it's animation especially when paired with the next bug I'll post, the Delayed Death Bug. That bug takes a few seconds to reset ally's health while it's on the field before it dies which can be seen by it 'gaining health' (green numbers) right before it dies; happens a lot with Champion of Irum, and allies whose health has changed in general. The combination of these bugs together makes Mind Control require the player wait about 4 seconds before beginning the next action, which is cause for many of the disappearing glitches seen.

    An quick fix would be to not allow players to play more cards while an animation is going on.
    A really cool fix would be to not have one animation cancel out other animations so that I can spam out multiple cards really fast.
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    Normally, input should be blocked while animation is going on. I guess the Mind Control block isn't long enough.

    Thanks for the very insightful post. The devs will look into it!

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