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    Lance: small, fast, growing.

    Lance, shadowstalker

    Allys: 24

    4 Brigitte scullborn
    2 Twilight tribe/Kristoffer vyld
    2 Champion of irum
    4 Blake windrunner
    2 Layarian seductress/Jasmine rosecut
    4 Aldon the brave
    4 Raven wildheart
    2 Armored sandworm/Aeon/Gunther

    Other cards: 15

    3 Assassination
    3 Stop thief
    2 Ill-gotten gains
    3 Ankelbreaker
    4 Treasured Heirloom

    Hello everyone!
    Idea of this deck - zerg style. Small, low-cost allys, high speed, grow with Aldon/Treasured heirloom/Twilight, protect allys by Brigitte, draw with Treasured heirloom. Lance-Raven combo for control table, with ankelbreaker and Layarian.

    In my deck 6 cards for each turn:
    1 turn: brigitte or Kristoffer or Twilight.
    2 turn: Champion or windrunner, brigitte defense from Karash and other 2 drop.
    3 turn: Layarian or Aldon or Treasured heirloom, choise depends on situation.
    4 turn - ill-gotten, aldon or treasured heirloom.
    5 turn - Raven, Lance ability and may be you have domination on table. (+1 unit for you, -1 for opponent)

    You must have high speed, permanently cast your small allys, protect by Brigitte (wind runners have small health but big sword with Aldon))), and you opponent will be forced defence. You must create more attackers, than he have response cards.
    Later, you control opponents allys with Ankelbnreaker, Raven and Layarian/Jasmine. You may play with worms against mages, or Gunther or Aeon, in test games they are same good. Use Lance ability for Ravens, use Treasured heirloom on Brigitte or Twilight tribe for draw (and kill some small ally

    Very hard matches against Moonstalker, hard against Eladwen. Hunters and warriors slower than you, as priests, elementals, Darkclow.

    Thanks for attention!
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