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    Blood Leech
    Shadow ally
    Opposing hero loses one resource when blood leech is removed from play.
    “Suck, suck, suck”

    Shadow Leech
    Shadow ally
    Opposing hero loses 2 shadow energy when shadow leech is removed from play

    Comment on the leeches: I used “removed from play” rather than killed so that the effect also occurs if Retreat! or something similar is used.

    Serpent of Decay
    Shadow ally
    1/6 (then 3/4, then 5/2)
    Ability: Necro (only works when card is in the graveyard) 3cc - card is returned to play with +2c and -2 health.
    No attachments on this card.
    “Nothing sticks to me.” Or “Rotting at the core.”
    Image: a weak looking snake on outside with shedding skin looking mean/decayed underneath

    Comment: this uses the “Necro” keyword suggested earlier, to allow for an ability that can only be activated while in the graveyard. Meant to work well against Boris Skullcrusher. The “no attachments” prevents both you from adding bloodthirsty or life infusion, etc., and prevents opponents from adding a crippling blow, etc.

    Static Cloak
    Elemental/Wulven armor
    All non-combat damage to hero is reduced by three.
    1defense, 4 durability

    Comment: meant to help against mages.

    Mystic Barrier
    Support ability
    Duration 3
    All non-combat damage to allies is reduced by 2, allies may only be frozen for 1 turn.

    Comment: meant to help ally-heavy decks against ally-light mage decks. The “allies may be only frozen for one turn” language means that if an ability/card etc. would have frozen the ally for multiple turns, the effect is reduced to only one turn.

    Images for both static cloak and mystic barrier would involve some sort of fog/mist (surrounding the hero our between to warring parties) - suggesting it resists magic, but it basically useless against weapons/claws.
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