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i'm sorry if this or somethin similar was already posted, but i didn't looked through all of those 20 pages... but i will whe i got some time

Wulven Puppy

Wulven Ally

Stealth (This ally can't be attacked)
Growth (At the end of your turn Wulven Puppy gets +1 growthcounter)
You can play a wulven ally or shadow ally - wulven with costs equal to the growthcounter without using resources. Wulven Puppy will be removed from game.

T1: play puppy TE: gc=1
T2: puppy survived TE: gc=2
T3: puppy survived TE: gc=3
T4: puppy survived TE: gc=4
T5: puppy gc=4 --> play Lightning Hunter / Wulven Savage / Wulven Tracker without paying resources, remove Wulven Puppy from game.
That's so cute, I wish so much the devs would make SE more adorable and kawaii.