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    Gravedigger: A Gravebone Deck

    This is my current Gravebone deck that I call the Gravedigger. The premise is simple. Use Gravebone's ability to gain a solid advantage in tempo. As a disclaimer this deck is a functional structure that I feel meets the basic requirements of my deck building strategy and ideas. It is NOT a completed or polished deck list yet, as it needs to be extensively play tested.



    ALLIES (21):

    Ironhide Karash x3
    Brutalis x3
    Morbid Acolyte x3
    Infernal Gargoyle x3
    Death Mage Thaddeus x3
    Furrion Terror x3
    Shadow Knight x3

    SUPPORT (19):

    Shriek of Vengeance x4
    Bad Santa x2
    Tome of Knowledge x4
    Lightning Strike x3
    Meteor Shower x3
    Supernova x3

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    Gravedigger: A Gravebone Deck


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    ...u might wanna consider Sacrificial Lamb as your alternate draw engine, and i am bit surprised why there is no Fireball, i would probably swap the Meteor Shower, you dont really need to rely on to wipe the board when Supernova does it for you (although i see some synergy with Furion Terror - is that the reason for including MS?)

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    I agree that you should have at least 2 sac lambs with Gravebone. If you allies get disabled and unable to go the graveyard you need a way to free them up. Additionally, this works with GBs ability, revive ally then sac lamb him when top decking or needing to dig for specific card. I'd replace bad Santas.

    And 4 shrieks seems like a bit of overkill. GB is best with high resources so you can use fatties and combo techniques, and shriek is counter productive to this. That being said I love shriek and usually pack 2.

    Id max out LS because if you run into a FT build its the only ability you have that can deal with it.
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