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    Question Account Glitched?

    So last night I tried to log onto the browser version of the game, but instead I got a message for a incorrect password. Yet I could still log onto the downloaded client. Following this, I reset my password and I now I can't log in on either version. So this morning I reset my password, double checking everything and still no luck.

    After trying to log in multiple times I happen to misspell my email forgetting 2 numbers before the @, and I log in. This makes no sense.

    The password I used to log in, is the wrong email the password resets were sent to.(Also, account is reset: Choose your first deck)
    At no time have I typed my email in this way, nor do I use one with that name.
    Changing email does nothing to change the email the password works on.
    I've now changed the password and email again and now both emails do not work.

    I wish I could connect an actual support team, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to reach them.

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    In the case of misspelling your email, you created a brand new account. Congratulations.

    For the other stuff, double check to make sure everything is being entered correctly, then email
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