I've used this as my guide to get started with meltdown and it is very helpful.

I would add a few suggestions though:

- Update the estimated points needed. This past week was my first week and aiming for ~1000 to guarantee me top 50 (based on the 800 point suggestion). Well, i was 44th this week at 1490. It seems more ppl are playing and catching on and the points have gone up a good amount.

- Strongly suggest 3 CC packs to 1 DP pack. CC packs have a lot of the must have core cards in the game. I've tried a every combo and by far have the most success with this 3/1 ratio.

- Spend at least 1 week grinding against AI to get about 10k gold. That seems to be a decent amount to play enough games to have a shot at the top 50. Plenty of threads showing the ele deck for very fast t4-t5 wins in 2 min against AI. After that 1 tough week of grinding, the gold comes to you just playing meltdown.

I haven't played a non-meltdown games in a few weeks. So much more fun and challenging imo. I encourage all to do it.