Designed to be a light and easy and causal meet up.

It's likely at NeBo games cafe at AMK hub. It will be one of the weekday evening/night in early july.

The admin fees has not be decided yet, but it won't be hefty.

No buying of boosters needed, since it's meant to be light and easy.

I will provide all the cards; just return them back to me once the tourney is over.

How the drafting will work:

Step one: each player is assigned 4 heroes. We'll roll a d20 dice four times each to determine which are the 4 heroes.

Each player will be given 4 packs x 20 cards. Each player can look at all his cards and heroes and finally decide on the hero.

Everyone will be informed on everyone's choice of hero and provided with the appropriate hero card.

Step 2: the drafting

We'll be in a 'circle' and everyone selects a card from his first card pack and passes the rest of the cards to the next person a clockwise direction.

The process is continued until everyone has 20 cards. Everyone picks up the second card pack of 20 cards and repeats the process. The same for pack 3 and pack 4.

Drafting ends.

Step 3: deck construction, 80 cards, minimum deck size is 40.

Step 4: sleeve all your cards (provided by me) and let the games begin.

At the end of the tourney, simply pass the cards back to me.

This thread is merely to discuss location and possible dates; once the details are finalized, an actual announcement post will be made.


If you would like to bring your own dice, life counters, play mats, beads, hot chicks to share, please feel free to do so. In any case, I will have enough supplies for all players. If anyone has any question, please feel free to ask me or my fellow TO, geckt.

Thank you!