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    TJ Nataku's Timezone Tournament (GMT+)

    This Tournament for players who live in a Time Zone with the GMT+1, +2, e.c.t.


    16 Player Bracket.
    Single Elimination
    Best of 5 (Bo5) each round


    Sign Ups

    Sign up by stating you In Game Name (IGN) and time zone.


    In TJ Nataku GMT +1


    Only for players in GMT+ timezones
    Deck and Hero Lock though out the tournament
    Games 1, 3 and 5 (if needed) are random start
    Games 2 & 4 (if needed) swap staring orders of game 1 & 3 respectively.
    Disconnects count as a loss unless both players agree to rematch *
    Sync errors are a rematch *
    I Nataku will act as referee in all case of dispute and my answer is final.
    Each round will last 5 days - let me know a.s.a.p. if you and your opponent cant find a time to play.

    * Rematch's Will start with the same Starting order unless its game 5 then it will still be random start.


    2000 SC by Nataku
    1000 SC by Gondorian
    Up to 1250 more by Nataku

    1st 1500 Shadow Crystal + a chance to win upto 1000 more Shadow Crystal.
    2nd 1000 Shadow Crystal + a chance to win upto 250 more Shadow Crystal.
    3rd 500 Shadow Crystal


    IGN - Timezone - Forum name (if vastly different to IGN)

    1) BP hachi (GMT+9)
    2) TJ Gerardo (GMT+7)
    3) Jojiwakabayashi (GMT+9)
    4) TJ Rayzie (GMT+10)
    5) AA1 FrenziedPeon (GMT+8)
    6) BP Yotenka (GMT+8)
    7) axmedal (GMT+3)
    8) Space Jazz (GMT+3)
    9) Agent of Sith (GMT+8)
    10) mefisto05 (GMT +5:30) - Kizzashi
    11) BP Mip1 (GMT+2)
    12) azrae1 (GMT+10)
    13) BP Pandevmonium (GMT+2)
    14) BP Keropok (GMT+8)
    15) acountified (GMT +1)
    16) BP Zhou (GMT +8)


    1) TJ Minato (GMT +2)
    2) A1 Holynoob GMT+3
    3) AA1 Justicar GMT +8
    4) A1 biasair GMT+9

    Good Look have fun
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