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    Yeah, problem I'm running into in the 3.0+ meta is that the variety of threats has increased dramatically since SE 2.0. As a result, what was a very meticulously crafted and fine tuned balance of cards which would slowly chip away at the opposing hero's life (an average of ~2.5 damage per turn, from turns 3-7, leaving the hero between 14-18 HP when the Feedbombing began around turn 7-8) and had enough residual control damage/early ally presence to at least *mostly* keep the threats of the board in check - that very carefully balanced mix of cards cannot, in this new meta, deal enough steady damage to the opponent and still stop the opposing board from getting unmanageable.

    In other words, opposing boards used to be less varied, and it was easier to have 1/3 of the deck built to maximize the explosiveness of chained Feedbombs. Now, one can't dedicate 12-15 cards to this purpose and leave in enough ally AND normal levels of board control. And, given the nature of Feedbombing, in general, the archetype doesn't really lend itself to fatter builds. 42 cards was as "risky" as I would have been willing to increase the count, because of the paramount importance of having a turn 2 drop, most likely a Bazaar, to keep the resource engine going. With a 50-55 card deck, and only ~8 (2) cost drops (that you want to be playing on T2, that is, i.e., Bazaar or Ironhide Karash {Brutalis, originally), the odds of getting one of those (2) cards within your first 8 cards drawn is unreliable inconsistent. Without a (2) ally or Bazaar, even the "original" version, ZTC 3.0, only had about a 60% win rate playing first, and a 52% win rate when playing second, neither of which is good enough for 300+ play or good enough to win more than an 8 slot tourney. That's missing a (2) drop, of course, which didn't happen often, but that's because 20% of the deck WAS the target two (2) cards that need to be dropped ON T2. If that ratio of possible T2 plays drops to 15%, you find yourself missing that T2 drop in about 50% of games, and you lose ~50% of those games, so raising the deckcount to 55 immediately puts your deck at a 50% loss rate, playing at a competitive level.

    I'm absolutely interested in anyone that has tinkered with it in that format and had consistent success. I don't have the countless hours of free time I used to be able to invest in deck experimentation and tuning, so while I recognize the problem, I don't have the time to develop the solution.

    To deal with the new meta threats, you need more than 40 cards to both keep your opponent on the defensive AND still be able to Feedbomb consistently come T7-8.. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a balanced, consistent 50+ card mix that can do both.

    I hope someone can succeed where I've fallen short!
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