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    Quote Originally Posted by Preybird View Post
    I've brought this bad boy back out to play, and gone back to Darkwood Wraith. You forget how good he is.
    DWW is awesome, but so is FT. i would say it depends on mu - against rush Elad, Moon or stealthy Rogues i prefer FT, against warriors or other ementals i like DWW more. such a shame this type of Zal cannot work with both. i just keep switchin them every now and again xD
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    This is an excellent deck! The choice to use Furrion Terror or Darkwood Wraith, it just depends on the type of game you want to do. It is certain, however, that the choice of Furrion Terror makes the deck more aggressive, but also more vulnerable. Darkwood Wraith takes the board control and Zaladar needs control.
    Well but i prefer the aggro version
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