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    Dark Prophecies Card Interaction FAQ

    Human Allies

    Twilight Tribe Herald – Prophecies 1/150

    Gaderi Barbarian – Prophecies 2/150

    Q: What happens if an ally with a casting cost of 4 is summoned at a lower cost (or an ally with a casting cost of 3 or less is summoned for higher) due to an effect?

    A: Gaderi Barbarian ability will still trigger because it works based on the printed casting cost of the ally rather than the amount resources the controller paid to summon it. An ally with a casting cost of 3 or less that was summoned using more than 3 resources will still not trigger Gaderi Barbarian’s ability.

    Mystic of the Vale – Prophecies 3/150

    Q: Does Mystic of the Vale lose 2 attack and health when it returns a Consuming Fear it is bearing back to its owners hand?

    A: No, Mystic will activate and resolve its ability first and then Consuming Fear wont trigger and resolve successfully because it is no longer attached. Consuming Fear can only reduce the attacked and health of the bearer by 2 while it remains attached to the target in question. An ability isn't considered to be "activated" until after the costs have been paid and the targets have been selected which means the ability will resolve before a card like Consuming Fear can respond to the ability activation.

    Artful Squire – Prophecies 4/150

    Q: Suppose I have Wrath of the Forest in play, and I use Artful Squire's effect to destroy an item, will I draw a card?

    A: You will not draw a card with Wrath of the Forest when you use Artful Squire's ability because he is placed in the graveyard instead of in play. In other words, he never quite made it to being "in play" and wasn't killed so he can't trigger Wrath of the Forest.

    Q: Does a trap like Death Trap activate when I use Artful Squire’s ability to destroy a cost 4 or less item?

    A: No, Artful Squire’s ability interrupts its summon and puts it in the graveyard instead of in play. Artful Squire is considered not to be successfully summoned when it activates its ability so Death Trap doesn't trigger.

    Braxnorian Soldier – Prophecies 5/150

    Q: If Braxnorian Soldier attacks an ally, and reduces its health to three health or less, does the ally defend?

    A: Yes, Braxnorian Soldier only prevents attacks from being declared on it by allies with 3 or less health. Allies will still defend against it as normal.

    Layarian Diplomat – Prophecies 6/150

    Q: Does this card remove the Stealth, Haste, and Ambush granted to an ally via Lance's ability?

    A: Yes, the Diplomat will remove the stealth granted by Lance's ability. Essentially, Lance's activated ability bestows an ally with 3 passive keyword abilities (Stealth, Haste, and Ambush) and the Diplomat will remove them.

    Q: What is a passive ability?

    A: Any ability that does not have a cost is passive. If the cost of an activated ability is 0, it is still considered an activated ability.

    Spirit Warden – Prophecies 7/150

    Rider of Ellos – Prophecies 8/150

    Q: If a passive ability, like Wendith Eagle Eye’s, is granting bonus damage to a weapon I control, will I deal 1 damage or 2 damage to Rider of Ellos?

    A: Wendith's passive ability is always granting +1 damage to all weapons you control. Essentially, your 2 attack weapon will hit Rider of Ellos for 2+1=3 damage. Then Rider of Ellos' ability will trigger and reduce that combat damage to 1. All combat damage dealt by weapons to Rider of Ellos will be reduced to 1 regardless of any attack or damage buffs that weapon may have.

    Fleet-footed Messenger – Prophecies 9/150

    Radiant Wisp – Prophecies 10/150

    Q: When Radiant Wisp is destroyed and it has more attachments on it than there is space in your hand, how do you determine which cards are returned and which are discarded?

    A: The attachments will be returned to your hand in the order they were played until your hand is full.

    Q: What happens when Radiant Wisp dies with a Tresured Heirloom attached? Do I draw two cards?

    A: Treasured Heirloom does not draw you 2 cards when it is returned to your hand because radiant whisper triggers and returns it to your hand before the attachments it is bearing are considered to be destroyed. Attachments are destroyed in the order they were played after an ally is killed and has resolved any of its relevant "on damage" or "on death effects."

    Champion of Irum – Prophecies 11/150

    Q: What happens if my Champion of Irum has 1 health left and Death Mage Thaddeus is summoned targeting Champion of Irum with his 1 damage “on summon” ability? Will Champion of Irum die?

    A: Champion of Irum's ability is passive ability that is constantly recalculating the +1 attack/+1 health bonus depending on how many enemy allies with a cost of 3 or more are in play. It is not a triggered ability. When Death Mage Thaddeus is summoned, Champion of Irum automatically gets the +1/+1 bonus and Thaddeus' ability is triggered dealing 1 damage to the target of his choice.

    Layarian Seductress – Prophecies 12/150

    Paladin of Unaxio – Prophecies 13/150

    Q: Can I remove the negative effect caused by an attachment like Captured Prey with the Paladin’s ability?

    A: No, Since Captured Prey is an attachment you have to remove that attachment in order to remove the negative effect it causes on your allies. When Paladin of Unaxio attempts to remove the disabled effect from the ally bearing captured prey, the attachment would immediately reapply the effect.

    Wymer the Lionheart – Prophecies 14/150

    Gunther, General of Balor – Prophecies 15/150

    Shadow Allies

    Rotling – Prophecies 16/150

    Twisted Familiar – Prophecies 17/150

    Ironhide Karash – Prophecies 18/150

    Q: Does Ironhide Karash’s ability protect you while attacking, defending, or both?

    A: Ironhide Karash’s ability will apply to both attacking and defending and reduce any attack of two damage or less to 0.

    Q: I have an Ironhide Karash and Battle Hardened in play. Opponent's Jasmine attacks my Karash. Is this attack supposed to kill the Karash or deal zero damage?

    A: Ally abilities are triggered and resolved before support abilities. As such, Ironhide Karash's ability will not reduce the combat damage dealt by Jasmine to 0 because she has 3 attack, then Battle Hardened will reduce the combat damage to 2 and your Ironhide Karash will take 2 damage and die.

    Bloodstained Marauder – Prophecies 19/150

    Wulven Predator – Prophecies 20/150

    Disciple of Aldmor – Prophecies 21/150

    Q: Does Disciple of Aldmor survive a weapon attack that has been buffed by Logan Stonebreaker’s ability?

    A: Yes, Disciple of Aldmor will survive Logan’s ability because it is an activated ability that directly targets the Disciple. The +1 attack buff, however, will still be applied to Logan’s weapon as normal as it is an indirect benefit and does not target the Disciple directly.

    Q: Is Disciple of Aldmor targetable by abilities activated with shadow energy or is this prevented by immunity?

    A: Disciple of Aldmor is still targetable by abilities activated with shadow energy. Immunity only means you are unaffected by the card in question. For example, Majiya can target Disciple of Aldmor with her ability and inflict 0 fire damage to the Disciple but she will still draw a card.

    Q: Can Disciple of Aldmor benefit from friendly abilities activated with shadow energy (for example MS's stealth, Elementalis's buff, etc.)?

    A: Disciple of Aldmor will not be able to benefit from friendly abilities activated with shadow energy because it is immune to them. For example, you will not be able to use Elementalis' ability on Disciple of Aldmor to increase its attack and health.

    Q: Does Disciple of Aldmor retain its immunity to shadow energy abilities while it is in the graveyard? Can Gravebone resurrect it?

    A: No, Disciple of Aldmor's ability is not active while it is in the graveyard. Gravebone will be able to resurrect it as normal.

    Q: What will happen if a Banebow use his ability on a Disciple of Aldmor? I suppose that he will not damage her, because it prevents the damage from being done rather than reducing it. Is this right?

    A: Banebow’s ability will ignore Disciple of Aldmor's immunity to shadow energy abilities. Essentially, immunity in this case is treated as damage reduction and Banebow's ability damage cannot be prevented.

    Rust Weevil – Prophecies 22/150

    Magma Jackal – Prophecies 23/150

    Morbid Acolyte – Prophecies 24/150

    Q: Does this card remove the Stealth, Haste, and Ambush granted to an ally via Lance's ability?

    A: Yes, the Acolyte will remove the stealth granted by Lance's ability. Essentially, Lance's activated ability bestows an ally with 3 passive keyword abilities (Stealth, Haste, and Ambush) and the Acolyte will remove them.

    Q: What is a passive ability?

    A: Any ability that does not have a cost is passive. If the cost of an activated ability is 0, it is still considered an activated ability.

    Darkwood Wraith – Prophecies 25/150

    Death Collector – Prophecies 26/150

    Wulven Savage – Prophecies 27/150

    Furrion Terror – Prophecies 28/150

    Q: In the case of a Flaming Arrow being used on a Furrion Terror, does Furrion Terror's immunity to fire damage count as damage prevention in Flaming Arrow's text? Is immunity considered damage prevention?

    A: Yes, Furion Terrors immunity to fire damage counts as damage reduction. Flaming Arrow's damage cannot be prevented so it will bypass Furrion Terror's fire damage immunity.

    Io Void Leviathan – Prophecies 29/150

    Q: If an ability activated with shadow energy would bring Io Void Leviathan’s health down to 0 will its ability still trigger and save my Leviathan from death?

    A: No, once an ally has its health reduced to 0 it is considered to be killed. It will linger long enough to resolve any lingering “on damage” or “on death” effects but will be able to have its health increased beyond 0. As such, Io Void Leviathan’s ability will trigger and attempt to resolve but fail to have any effect. Io Void Leviathan will then be sent to the graveyard.
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