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    Dark Prophecies Card Interaction FAQ

    Human Allies

    Twilight Tribe Herald – Prophecies 1/150

    Gaderi Barbarian – Prophecies 2/150

    Q: What happens if an ally with a casting cost of 4 is summoned at a lower cost (or an ally with a casting cost of 3 or less is summoned for higher) due to an effect?

    A: Gaderi Barbarian ability will still trigger because it works based on the printed casting cost of the ally rather than the amount resources the controller paid to summon it. An ally with a casting cost of 3 or less that was summoned using more than 3 resources will still not trigger Gaderi Barbarian’s ability.

    Mystic of the Vale – Prophecies 3/150

    Q: Does Mystic of the Vale lose 2 attack and health when it returns a Consuming Fear it is bearing back to its owners hand?

    A: No, Mystic will activate and resolve its ability first and then Consuming Fear wont trigger and resolve successfully because it is no longer attached. Consuming Fear can only reduce the attacked and health of the bearer by 2 while it remains attached to the target in question. An ability isn't considered to be "activated" until after the costs have been paid and the targets have been selected which means the ability will resolve before a card like Consuming Fear can respond to the ability activation.

    Artful Squire – Prophecies 4/150

    Q: Suppose I have Wrath of the Forest in play, and I use Artful Squire's effect to destroy an item, will I draw a card?

    A: You will not draw a card with Wrath of the Forest when you use Artful Squire's ability because he is placed in the graveyard instead of in play. In other words, he never quite made it to being "in play" and wasn't killed so he can't trigger Wrath of the Forest.

    Q: Does a trap like Death Trap activate when I use Artful Squire’s ability to destroy a cost 4 or less item?

    A: No, Artful Squire’s ability interrupts its summon and puts it in the graveyard instead of in play. Artful Squire is considered not to be successfully summoned when it activates its ability so Death Trap doesn't trigger.

    Braxnorian Soldier – Prophecies 5/150

    Q: If Braxnorian Soldier attacks an ally, and reduces its health to three health or less, does the ally defend?

    A: Yes, Braxnorian Soldier only prevents attacks from being declared on it by allies with 3 or less health. Allies will still defend against it as normal.

    Layarian Diplomat – Prophecies 6/150

    Q: Does this card remove the Stealth, Haste, and Ambush granted to an ally via Lance's ability?

    A: Yes, the Diplomat will remove the stealth granted by Lance's ability. Essentially, Lance's activated ability bestows an ally with 3 passive keyword abilities (Stealth, Haste, and Ambush) and the Diplomat will remove them.

    Q: What is a passive ability?

    A: Any ability that does not have a cost is passive. If the cost of an activated ability is 0, it is still considered an activated ability.

    Spirit Warden – Prophecies 7/150

    Rider of Ellos – Prophecies 8/150

    Q: If a passive ability, like Wendith Eagle Eye’s, is granting bonus damage to a weapon I control, will I deal 1 damage or 2 damage to Rider of Ellos?

    A: Wendith's passive ability is always granting +1 damage to all weapons you control. Essentially, your 2 attack weapon will hit Rider of Ellos for 2+1=3 damage. Then Rider of Ellos' ability will trigger and reduce that combat damage to 1. All combat damage dealt by weapons to Rider of Ellos will be reduced to 1 regardless of any attack or damage buffs that weapon may have.

    Fleet-footed Messenger – Prophecies 9/150

    Radiant Wisp – Prophecies 10/150

    Q: When Radiant Wisp is destroyed and it has more attachments on it than there is space in your hand, how do you determine which cards are returned and which are discarded?

    A: The attachments will be returned to your hand in the order they were played until your hand is full.

    Q: What happens when Radiant Wisp dies with a Tresured Heirloom attached? Do I draw two cards?

    A: Treasured Heirloom does not draw you 2 cards when it is returned to your hand because radiant whisper triggers and returns it to your hand before the attachments it is bearing are considered to be destroyed. Attachments are destroyed in the order they were played after an ally is killed and has resolved any of its relevant "on damage" or "on death effects."

    Champion of Irum – Prophecies 11/150

    Q: What happens if my Champion of Irum has 1 health left and Death Mage Thaddeus is summoned targeting Champion of Irum with his 1 damage “on summon” ability? Will Champion of Irum die?

    A: Champion of Irum's ability is passive ability that is constantly recalculating the +1 attack/+1 health bonus depending on how many enemy allies with a cost of 3 or more are in play. It is not a triggered ability. When Death Mage Thaddeus is summoned, Champion of Irum automatically gets the +1/+1 bonus and Thaddeus' ability is triggered dealing 1 damage to the target of his choice.

    Layarian Seductress – Prophecies 12/150

    Paladin of Unaxio – Prophecies 13/150

    Q: Can I remove the negative effect caused by an attachment like Captured Prey with the Paladin’s ability?

    A: No, Since Captured Prey is an attachment you have to remove that attachment in order to remove the negative effect it causes on your allies. When Paladin of Unaxio attempts to remove the disabled effect from the ally bearing captured prey, the attachment would immediately reapply the effect.

    Wymer the Lionheart – Prophecies 14/150

    Gunther, General of Balor – Prophecies 15/150

    Shadow Allies

    Rotling – Prophecies 16/150

    Twisted Familiar – Prophecies 17/150

    Ironhide Karash – Prophecies 18/150

    Q: Does Ironhide Karash’s ability protect you while attacking, defending, or both?

    A: Ironhide Karash’s ability will apply to both attacking and defending and reduce any attack of two damage or less to 0.

    Q: I have an Ironhide Karash and Battle Hardened in play. Opponent's Jasmine attacks my Karash. Is this attack supposed to kill the Karash or deal zero damage?

    A: Ally abilities are triggered and resolved before support abilities. As such, Ironhide Karash's ability will not reduce the combat damage dealt by Jasmine to 0 because she has 3 attack, then Battle Hardened will reduce the combat damage to 2 and your Ironhide Karash will take 2 damage and die.

    Bloodstained Marauder – Prophecies 19/150

    Wulven Predator – Prophecies 20/150

    Disciple of Aldmor – Prophecies 21/150

    Q: Does Disciple of Aldmor survive a weapon attack that has been buffed by Logan Stonebreaker’s ability?

    A: Yes, Disciple of Aldmor will survive Logan’s ability because it is an activated ability that directly targets the Disciple. The +1 attack buff, however, will still be applied to Logan’s weapon as normal as it is an indirect benefit and does not target the Disciple directly.

    Q: Is Disciple of Aldmor targetable by abilities activated with shadow energy or is this prevented by immunity?

    A: Disciple of Aldmor is still targetable by abilities activated with shadow energy. Immunity only means you are unaffected by the card in question. For example, Majiya can target Disciple of Aldmor with her ability and inflict 0 fire damage to the Disciple but she will still draw a card.

    Q: Can Disciple of Aldmor benefit from friendly abilities activated with shadow energy (for example MS's stealth, Elementalis's buff, etc.)?

    A: Disciple of Aldmor will not be able to benefit from friendly abilities activated with shadow energy because it is immune to them. For example, you will not be able to use Elementalis' ability on Disciple of Aldmor to increase its attack and health.

    Q: Does Disciple of Aldmor retain its immunity to shadow energy abilities while it is in the graveyard? Can Gravebone resurrect it?

    A: No, Disciple of Aldmor's ability is not active while it is in the graveyard. Gravebone will be able to resurrect it as normal.

    Q: What will happen if a Banebow use his ability on a Disciple of Aldmor? I suppose that he will not damage her, because it prevents the damage from being done rather than reducing it. Is this right?

    A: Banebow’s ability will ignore Disciple of Aldmor's immunity to shadow energy abilities. Essentially, immunity in this case is treated as damage reduction and Banebow's ability damage cannot be prevented.

    Rust Weevil – Prophecies 22/150

    Magma Jackal – Prophecies 23/150

    Morbid Acolyte – Prophecies 24/150

    Q: Does this card remove the Stealth, Haste, and Ambush granted to an ally via Lance's ability?

    A: Yes, the Acolyte will remove the stealth granted by Lance's ability. Essentially, Lance's activated ability bestows an ally with 3 passive keyword abilities (Stealth, Haste, and Ambush) and the Acolyte will remove them.

    Q: What is a passive ability?

    A: Any ability that does not have a cost is passive. If the cost of an activated ability is 0, it is still considered an activated ability.

    Darkwood Wraith – Prophecies 25/150

    Death Collector – Prophecies 26/150

    Wulven Savage – Prophecies 27/150

    Furrion Terror – Prophecies 28/150

    Q: In the case of a Flaming Arrow being used on a Furrion Terror, does Furrion Terror's immunity to fire damage count as damage prevention in Flaming Arrow's text? Is immunity considered damage prevention?

    A: Yes, Furion Terrors immunity to fire damage counts as damage reduction. Flaming Arrow's damage cannot be prevented so it will bypass Furrion Terror's fire damage immunity.

    Io Void Leviathan – Prophecies 29/150

    Q: If an ability activated with shadow energy would bring Io Void Leviathan’s health down to 0 will its ability still trigger and save my Leviathan from death?

    A: No, once an ally has its health reduced to 0 it is considered to be killed. It will linger long enough to resolve any lingering “on damage” or “on death” effects but will be able to have its health increased beyond 0. As such, Io Void Leviathan’s ability will trigger and attempt to resolve but fail to have any effect. Io Void Leviathan will then be sent to the graveyard.
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    Kairos Doombringer – Prophecies 30/150

    Q: Will Kairos Doombringer’s ability activate and cause him to attack if he has an attack value of 0 at the time (while bearing crippling blow for example)?

    A: No, An ally with 0 attack is unable to declare an attack and therefore Kairos should not be able to attack in this scenario.

    Q: Will Kairos be able to attack a unit with Stealth? How about Protector?

    A: Kairos' ability causes an untargeted attack. Therefore, stealth stops it (it's an attack) but being protected by a protector doesn't (there's no targeting).

    Q: What happens when two Shadow heroes have both deployed Kairos as bodyguard, and A attacks B? Does it make any difference whether a weapon or ability is used for the initial attack?

    A: When both players have a Kairos in play, the situation will play out like this:

    Hero A attacks hero B, hero B defends
    Kairos B triggers and attacks hero A, hero A defends
    Kairos A triggers and attacks Kairos B, Kairos B defends (assuming it survives the attack)
    It makes no difference if an opposing ally attacks your hero or an opposing hero with a weapon attacks your hero. If an attack is made against your hero, and the attacker survives, Kairos will trigger and attack it.

    Warrior Abilities

    Alert and Able – Prophecies 31/150

    Battle Hardened – Prophecies 32/150

    Braxnorian Veteran – Prophecies 33/150

    Lythite Coating – Prophecies 34/150

    Q: If you have Lythite attached to your armor, you cannot replace it because it cannot be destroyed right?

    A: Indeed, Lythite Coating prevents an armor from being destroyed unless its durability reaches 0. As such, you will be unable to replace your armor with Lythite attached with a new armor (replacing your old armor with new armor requires you to destroy the old armor).

    Smith Shop – Prophecies 35/150

    Countess Rasmina – Prophecies 36/150

    Killing Spree – Prophecies 37/150

    Q: If I were to kill an ally with my hero I could play multiple killing sprees without needing to kill another one right?

    A: Yes, as long as you have killed an ally in combat with your hero earlier in the turn you can use Killing Spree to ready your hero and attack again.

    Yari Spearman – Prophecies 38/150

    Wild Berserker – Prophecies 39/150

    Q: If I summon Wild Berserker while having an equal number of allies to my opponent and then lose 1 ally, does my Wild Berserker gain Haste?

    A: Yes, as long as it’s still the same turn you summoned Wild Berserker, it will gain Haste whenever you have less allies in play than your opponent.

    Stalwart Battleguard – Prophecies 40/150

    Mage Abilities

    Scrying Eye – Prophecies 41/150

    Kelvin's Charm – Prophecies 42/150

    Q: If the weapon this is attached to transforms into an ally (eg. Beetle Demon Bow/Wand of Izikus) Does this attachment stay attached, and if so does it have any effect?

    A: The attachment would be destroyed and sent to the graveyard, as it is no longer attached to a valid target.

    Molten Meteor – Prophecies 43/150

    Undying Bond – Prophecies 44/150

    Consuming Fear – Prophecies 45/150

    Q: When consuming fear causes Deathbone to die, should the opposing hero (who played Consuming Fear) suffer 2 damage?

    A: The opposing hero who played the negative attachment Consuming Fear will take 2 damage when Deathbone dies since it was sourced to the opposing player and not your hero or your allies.

    Q: if an ally with consuming fear attached with 2 attack, attacked a hero with an armor would the armor lose durability even though the ally's attack was 0 and never really hit it? Should allies also defend in the same circumstances (attack being reduced to 0)?

    A: An ally that does no damage to your hero with an attack will still cause your armor to lose durability. For example, if your hero has Full Moon in play, he will take no damage but still lose 1 point of durability off his armor. Also, if you attack an ally, it will defend as normal even if you hit it for 0 damage. Having 0 attack only prevents you from declaring an attack, but Consuming Fear triggers and reduces the bearer's attack only after the attack has been declared.

    Q: If a 2 health ally such as Night Owl attacks an opposing hero while it is bearing Consuming Fear, will he deal damage to the opposing hero or die first?

    A: Night Owl will take 2 damage from Consuming Fear when it declares an attack. Because this is before damage is resolved, he will be dead before the opposing hero takes any damage.

    Q: Let's say I have a 3/5 ally with consuming fear attached. It attacks twice without retaliation, so he drops to 0/1. Then I catch Sever Ties, if I use it on Consuming Fear will that ally return to base stats or he will stay at 0/1?

    A: Your ally will stay at 0/1. The attack and health reduction caused by Consuming Fear is permanent.

    Sun-blighted One – Prophecies 46/150

    Static Shock – Prophecies 47/150

    Voltar's Ring – Prophecies 48/150

    Q: If an electric ally you controlled was targeted by mind control, would it still deal the bonus damage?

    A: Yes, the bonus damage from Voltar’s Ring would still be applied. This is because Mind Control does not actually give control of your ally to the opponent.

    Shatter Ice – Prophecies 49/150

    Frosted Urigon – Prophecies 50/150

    Hunter Abilities

    Rolling Boulders – Prophecies 51/150

    Snare Trap – Prophecies 52/150

    Q: I have an ally on the board with Assumed command attached, and my opponent plays a snare trap on his turn. What happens when I play a 3cc ally?

    A: When Snare Trap tries to remove your 3cc ally from the game, it will check whether the ally has steadfast. Since steadfast is continuously being given to all your allies, while Assumed Command is attached to your other ally, your 3cc ally had it from the moment that ally entered play. So Snare Trap will not be able to remove the ally from the game and it will "fizzle" instead (Snare Trap will be removed from the game, but the ally won't be.)

    Q: Is Snare Trap considered to be destroyed when it is removed from the game? Do I get to draw a card off of Survivalist?

    A: No, Snare Trap is not destroyed when it is removed from the game. You will be unable to draw a card with survivalist via Snare Trap.

    Bounty Hunter – Prophecies 53/150

    Q: If an ally like Cobra Demon uses its SE ability or attacks a 1/1 ally such as Spark while Bounty Hunter is attached, do you get a resource?

    A: Yes, Cobra Demon's "on damage" ability will trigger when it deals damage (which is before the ally is sent to the graveyard) and poison the ally it targeted. As such, the ally will be considered poisoned when it is killed and sent to the graveyard which will result in you gaining a resource.

    Change of Plans – Prophecies 54/150

    Survivalist – Prophecies 55/150

    Q: If a trap such as Snare Trap is removed from the game, will I draw a card off of Survivalist?

    A: No, when a card is removed from the game it is not considered to be destroyed. A card that is destroyed will be sent to the graveyard as normal.

    Enchanted Forest – Prophecies 56/150

    Q: What happens if an item removal card like Shriek of Vengeance is used on the trap Enchanted Forest? Will I lose a resource?

    A: Shriek will be canceled by Enchanted Forest so you will not lose a resource. The trap will then be destroyed and sent to the graveyard as normal.

    Jade of the Forest – Prophecies 57/150

    Wendith Eagle-eye – Prophecies 58/150

    The Perfect Shot – Prophecies 59/150

    Master Trapsetter – Prophecies 60/150
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    Priest Abilities

    Sacred Fire Walker – Prophecies 61/150

    Q: Who's "responsible" for the arcane and fire damage that Sacred Fire Walker causes? Is it the ally to whom this attachment is attached to, or this attachment's controller's hero?

    A: The ally that is bearing Sacred Fire Walker is responsible for its damage.

    Q: Does Sacred Fire Walker prevent the fire damage caused by Flaming Arrow?

    A: Yes, since Sacred Fire Walker is neither an ally or armor ability (it’s an attachment) Flaming Arrow's damage will be reduced to 0.

    Forgiveness – Prophecies 62/150

    Q: What happens if Forgiveness gives me an extra resource (such as the extra resource granted by Stop Thief!)?

    A: When Forgiveness attempts to make you put a blank resource card into your hand, the blank resource will be removed from the game instead. For the physical game it is recommended that you represent extra resources with redeem code cards to make it easily identifiable when you are retrieving a blank resource card.

    Devoted Lightbearer – Prophecies 63/150

    Banish – Prophecies 64/150

    Mass Purification – Prophecies 65/150

    Incense of Atonement – Prophecies 66/150

    Divine Connection – Prophecies 67/150

    Lingering Essence – Prophecies 68/150

    Q: If I target and destroy my own Lingering Essence, will I heal damage and gain shadow energy?

    A: Yes, Lingering Essence can respond to its own destruction in the same way that other cards can.

    Elizabeth Winterborn – Prophecies 69/150

    Q: What does "undamaged" mean exactly?

    A: "Undamaged" means when your current health is equal to your maximum health. So Elizabeth Winterborn is undamaged when her current health is 5 and her maximum health is 5.

    Knight of the Golden Dawn – Prophecies 70/150

    Rogue Abilities

    Night Owl – Prophecies 71/150

    Silent Strike – Prophecies 72/150

    Elicit Information – Prophecies 73/150

    Good Contacts – Prophecies 74/150

    Vozitian Orders – Prophecies 75/150

    Q: Let's say that on my turn, I summon three allies. During the same turn, can I use the activated ability of Vozitian Orders to return any one of those allies to my hand?

    A: Basically, Vozitian Orders will let you return an ally to your hand that wasn't summoned this turn.

    Pay Day – Prophecies 76/150

    Lyra Blackrose – Prophecies 77/150

    Q: If a hero kills Lyra Blackrose with his/her hero ability, will the owner discard a card?

    A: Yes, the owner will end up discarding a card. Essentially, the hero ability will resolve first dealing lethal damage to Lyra. Then while Lyra is at 0 health, but not quite in the graveyard yet, her ability will trigger and resolve causing the opposing player to discard a card. Lyra will then be sent to the graveyard.

    Q: Does Lyra’s ability trigger when an opponent uses a shadow energy ability that costs 0 shadow energy?

    A: Yes, Lyra’s ability triggers on any shadow energy ability regardless of cost.

    Procured and Restored – Prophecies 78/150

    Q: Does Procured and Restored allow you to bring back Weapons and Armor?

    A: Yes, Weapons and Armor have the "Hero Item" type so they are considered items for the effect of Procured and Restored.

    Smoke Screen – Prophecies 79/150

    Agent Rex– Prophecies 80/150

    Q: What happens if you attach Assume Command on an Agent Rex, then activate Agent Rex's ability? Does Agent Rex stay on the board? Will Agent Rex's ability activate?

    A: Agent Rex will steal the artifact and remain in play because it has steadfast.

    Wulven Abilities

    Blood Moon – Prophecies 81/150

    Q: What does “three turns” mean?

    A: The three turns are counted at the beginning of your turns, so the card will be destroyed and sent to the graveyard at the beginning of the third turn after you have played it. Essentially, you will get to draw a card at the end of your turn with Blood Moon three times.

    Thick Hide – Prophecies 82/150

    Ripping Fury – Prophecies 83/150

    Lost in the Woods – Prophecies 84/150

    Unstoppable – Prophecies 85/150

    Tiger Wulf – Prophecies 86/150

    Lightning Hunter – Prophecies 87/150

    Call of the Pack – Prophecies 88/150

    Blinding Storm – Prophecies 89/150

    Howlfang, Terror of the Vale – Prophecies 90/150

    Q: Can I use this with a card that reduces the casting cost of an ally to summon 4cc allies for free?

    A: No. The casting cost of a card never changes. Any cost reducing effects come into play only when actually paying resources for the card, instead of reducing the printed casting cost of the card in your hand.
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    Elemental Abilities

    Flare – Prophecies 91/150

    Q: Are Flare's bonus cumulative?

    A: No, Flare's bonus does not stack. If you have 1 or more Elemental allies in play, then it will cost 1 less resources to summon and get +1 bonus attack.

    Infinity Core – Prophecies 92/150

    Synchronicity – Prophecies 93/150

    Q: When you use Synchronicity on two allies with the same owner, which one of them is sent to that player's deck first?

    A: The friendly one should go on top first as that is the order stated on the card.

    Antimatter – Prophecies 94/150

    Xar Modulator – Prophecies 95/150

    Zantonite – Prophecies 96/150

    Q: If Zantonite and Shard of power are in play and Zantonite is damaged, suppose an opponent plays Layarian diplomat or uses the ability of Morbid acolyte to remove Zantonite’s passive ability. Will Zantonite be killed or have its health reduced to 1?

    A: Layarian Diplomat/Morbid Acolyte will cause Zantonite to lose his passive immunity to Shard of Power resulting in his maximum health being set to 1. His current health will then be reduced until he has 1 health remaining. As such, Zantonite will stay at 1 health as opposed to being killed.

    Super Focus – Prophecies 97/150

    Q: Since the text of Super Focus says "immune to enemy attachments" - If your enemy has Super Focus on the field with 1 ally, should you be able to target him? This happened to me when I played Crippling Blow on a Bloodstained Maurauder while Super Focus on the field.

    A: Yes, you are able to put attachments on an ally even if they are immune to them. Being immune to an attachment means you are unaffected by them. Do keep in mind, however, once another ally is played beside Bloodstained Marauder Super Focus' attachment immunity will stop functioning and the Marauder will have 0 attack. Also, certain cards may interact with the number of attachments that are currently in play so there can be some benefit to playing attachments on allies that are inherently immune to enemy attachments.

    Interference – Prophecies 98/150

    Temporal Disturbance – Prophecies 99/150

    Q: If an opponent has no cards in their deck, greater than 0 Shadow Energy, and either player has Temporal Disturbance, should the discard from Temporal Disturbance cause the milled Hero to take damage?

    A: Yes, whenever a card has to be drawn or discarded from your deck and you have none left, you will take 1 damage.

    Q: Does the number of cards in the Hero's hand have any effect regarding discarding a card from the top of your deck?

    A: No, the number of cards in your hand will not prevent you from being made to discard a card from the top of your deck.

    Crystal Titan – Prophecies 100/150

    Human Abilities

    Rejuvenating Ritual – Prophecies 101/150

    Nurturing Spring – Prophecies 102/150

    Nowhere To Hide – Prophecies 103/150

    Disrupt Aura – Prophecies 104/150

    Wizent’s Prayer – Prophecies 105/150

    Blessed Protection – Prophecies 106/150

    Ascendant of the Hero – Prophecies 107/150

    Outwitted – Prophecies 108/150

    Treasured Heirloom – Prophecies 109/150

    Q: If I use/steal an opponent's Treasured Heirloom and it is destroyed, who will draw cards?

    The current controller of Treasured Heirloom will draw cards when it is destroyed. So, if you steal Treasured Heirloom with a card like Morphic Armor you will draw 2 cards when it is destroyed because you are its current controller.

    A Legend Rises – Prophecies 110/150

    Q: If one of your allies has an enemy attatchment on it (for example Crippling Blow) and you cast ALR on that ally, will CB still be attatched but be nullified? Or will it be destroyed?

    A: A Legend Rises will cause an enemy attachment like Crippling Blow that is attached to your ally to no longer have an effect on the ally. The attachment, however, will remain attached. As such, if A Legend Rises is somehow removed from your ally, Crippling Blow's effect will be reapplied as normal and your ally's maximum attack will be reduced to 0 again.

    Shadow Abilities

    Mindless Ferocity – Prophecies 111/150

    Contaminated Water – Prophecies 112/150

    Q: When both an opposing Contaminated Water and your Shard of Power are in play, which applies first?

    A: Shard of Power puts a temporary modifier on the max health of all your allies after all other temporary health increases and reductions have been calculated. As such, all of your allies will have 1 health when both cards are in play at the same time. If Shard of Power is removed from play, your allies will return to whatever their health was before Shard of Power was played reduced by 1 via Contaminated Water.

    Nocturnal Advantage – Prophecies 113/150

    Bloodthirsty – Prophecies 114/150

    Aura of Retribution – Prophecies 115/150

    Q: I killed an ally in combat, and even though this ally had an Aura of Retribution attached, my ally did not take damage when leaving combat. Why is this?

    A: When an ally is killed, all attachments it's bearing are destroyed. So if the ally bearing Aura of Retribution has been killed when you leave combat, Aura of Retribution will already be destroyed and no longer attached to the ally in question. Aura of Retribution will only deal 2 damage if the ally it is attached to survives combat.

    Ascendant of the Horde – Prophecies 116/150

    Q: If an ally with 3 attack attacks my Ironhide Karash while Ascendant of the Horde is in play does my Karash die? Why or why not?

    A:Ironhide Karash will trigger first followed by Ascendant of the horde due to the triggering/resolution order found on page 19 of the rulebook. As a result, if he gets attacked by Priest of the Light he will take 2 (3-1) damage and die.

    Arthyle’s Crypt – Prophecies 117/150

    Flesh Infusion – Prophecies 118/150

    Blackened Heart – Prophecies 119/150

    Q: If the target of this attachment is immune to Shadow Energy abilities, why would they be targeted by them? How does this apply to Nishaven's ability?

    A: Immunity to Shadow Abilities renders all abilities activated with shadow energy ineffective but it does not prevent targeting. This is because some abilities may still have value even when used against an immune ally (such as Victor’s). Also, non-targeted Shadow Ability such as Nishaven’s ability will simply have no effect on any allies that are immune to them (0 damage will be dealt).

    Q: When targeting an ally with 4 shadow energy do you lose 2 instantly therefore not using your ability?

    A: You will lose 2 shadow energy due to Blackened Hearts ability after you have activated your ability. As such, your ability will still cast if you have 4 shadow energy stored and activate a 4se ability. If you had 6 shadow energy stored, you would lose it all.

    A Legend Falls – Prophecies 120/150

    Q: Can allies with damage reduction like Infernal Gargoyle or Armored Sandworm reduce the health reduction caused by A Legend Falls?

    A: Infernal Gargoyle and Armored Sandworm will not be able to reduce the health reduction of A Legend Falls because it reduces health rather than deals damage. By the same token, because health reduction isn't damage Molten Destroyer will not deal 1 fire damage to your hero when you use A Legend Falls on it.
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    Neutral Abilities

    Word of the Prophet – Prophecies 121/150

    Change of Fortune – Prophecies 122/150

    Assumed Command – Prophecies 123/150

    Q: Can I target Assumed Command that is attached to an ally if that ally is being protected by another ally with Protector?

    A: No, in order to target Assumed Command you have to be able to target the ally that it is attached to as well. The Protector will protect the ally and all its attachments.

    Sanctuary – Prophecies 124/150

    Aldmor Conduit – Prophecies 125/150

    Stand Firm – Prophecies 126/150

    Toll Bridge – Prophecies 127/150

    Dark Revelations – Prophecies 128/150

    Thoughtful Investment – Prophecies 129/150

    Q: When I use Wand of Izikus to make Thoughtful Investment into an ally, what happens to the extra resource? Is it lost?

    A: Since Thoughtful Investment loses its ability text due to Wand of Izikus' effect and hasn't been removed from play when this occurs, you will keep the extra resource.

    Scythe of Fate – Prophecies 130/150

    Hero Armors

    Blazing Shield – Prophecies 131/150

    Q: If a player has a Blazing Shield with Poor Quality attached on it, and that player's hero has 2 Shadow Energy, will Blazing Shield lose durability when used in combat, for example, when an opposing ally attacks and deals combat damage to that hero?

    A: When your hero has 2 or more Shadow Energy stored, Blazing shield does not suffer durability loss. As such, Poor Quality will not reduce the durability of Blazing Shield.

    Storm Coat – Prophecies 132/150

    Punisher's Gauntlets – Prophecies 133/150

    Breastplate of Vitality – Prophecies 134/150

    Cloak of Obscurity – Prophecies 135/150

    Morphic Armor – Prophecies 136/150

    Pride of the Mountain – Prophecies 137/150

    Celestial Armor – Prophecies 138/150

    Q: Should Banebow's ability work on an ally protected by celestial armor's ability? I was thinking it shouldn't, since celestial armor is like holy shield.

    A: Banebow's ability damage will not be prevented by Celestial Armor because it is an armor ability. Holy Shield prevents Banebow's ability damage because it is an attachment which is neither an ally or armor ability.

    Rothem's Visage – Prophecies 139/150

    Q: If I attack with one of my ally, and it is exhausted, can I use Rothem’s Visage to re-ready him?

    A: No, Rothems Visage gives Haste which lets an ally attack the turn it is summoned, but it does not ready that ally. If an ally has attacked and is exhausted, you would need a card that readies that ally to attack with it again.

    Q: Can Rothem’s Visage have more than 5 durability?

    A: The ability to regenerate durability each turn is capped at 5. Rothem's Visage can have more than 5 durability if you increase it via other card effects, but the Visage will not gain durability when you gain shadow energy if it’s at 5 durability or higher.

    Loest's Burden – Prophecies 140/150

    Hero Weapons

    Feathered Longbow – Prophecies 141/150

    Staff of Disintegration – Prophecies 142/150

    Wand of Izikus – Prophecies 143/150

    Q: Can Wand of Izikus target itself?

    A: Yes, Wand of Izikus can target itself.

    Crescent of Doom – Prophecies 144/150

    Grundler's Double – Prophecies 145/150

    Dragon's Tooth – Prophecies 146/150

    Shadowvein – Prophecies 147/150

    Spectral Sabre – Prophecies 148/150

    Madelain's Scepter – Prophecies 149/150

    Fan of Blades – Prophecies 150/150

    Q: How does the 4 attacks granted by Fan of Blades work really?

    A: • If you attack with a Fan of Blades and its durability is reduced to 0, fan of blades will be destroyed and your hero will be exhausted. If you play an Anklebreaker after your hero has become exhausted it will remain exhausted and you will be unable to attack.

    • If you play a Fan of Blades after your hero has been exhausted, your hero will remain exhausted and be unable to attack. Even though Fan of Blades lets you attack up to 4 different targets a turn, it does not ready your hero. As such, it cannot remove exhaustion.

    • If you have Fan of Blades in play with 1 durability and play another copy of Fan of Blades to replace it your hero will not become exhausted. However, you will still only be able to attack a total of 4 different targets for the turn. For example, if you have a Fan of Blades with 2 durability you will be able to attack with it once, play a second copy of Fan of Blades, and attack 3 additional targets.

    Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi – Prophecies 151/150

    Q: Cards like crippling blow and consuming fear would still take effect on an ally that can't be "incapacitated", right?

    A: Yes, crippling blow and consuming fear will still work against an ally that can't be incapacitated. Currently, being immune to incapacitated only protects from the keywords incapacitated, frozen, and disabled. All other negative effects and the like will still work as normal.

    Scourge Colossus – Prophecies 152/150

    Q: Enemy has a Rothem's Visage with Lythite Coating and a Dragon's Tooth. I have a Scourge Colossus on the board. It is my turn to play. I attack with Scourge Colossus. Will Dragon's Tooth be destroyed with 100% probability? Or will it only be destroyed 50% of the time?

    A: Dragon's Tooth will only be destroyed 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time Scourge Colossus will attempt to destory Rothem's Visage and fail due to Lythite Coating.

    Q: If Scourge is forced to attack its own hero with a card like Mind Control will its ability activate?

    A: No, Scourge Colossus has to deal combat damage to an opposing hero to trigger its effect. In the case of Mind Control, Scourge Colossus is hitting its own hero (not an opposing one) so its ability wont activate.
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