Just need some advice:



***Allies (22)***

3x Ironhide Karash
3x Infernal Gargoyle
3x Death Collector
4x Death Mage Thaddeus
3x Magma Jackal

3x Molten Destroyer
3x Plasma Behemoth

***Abilities (10)***
4x Mind Control
3x Shadow Font
3x Sacrificial Lamb

***Items (5)***
3x Infinity Core
2x Antimatter

***Weapons (3)***
3x Sliver of Shadow

TOTAL: 40 cards + Hero

The deck is based on 2-4 cc ally combined with Infinity Core..If i can keep the board enough to cast a fattie its an auto win..but still i take advice

MD and PB are swichable with other fatties so i dont really mind remove them. (Usually i keep one and sac others)

Zal's fan grab some bricks and tell what u really think about this