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    Please Help with my Majiya Deck! :)

    Hello! I have recently just started playing about a week ago and am enjoying the game alot!

    At the moment I am not too sure on how to improve my Majiya deck, tips would be greatly appreciated!


    Ironhide Karash (2cc) x1
    Carniboar (2cc) x2
    Brutalis (2cc) x1
    Keldor (3cc) x1
    Infernal Gargoyle (3cc) x2
    Death Wolf (3cc) x3
    Morbid Acolyte (3cc) x2
    Death Collector (3cc) x1
    Plasma Behemoth (5cc) x2
    Molten Destroyer (5cc) x1

    Fireball x4
    Lightning Strike x4
    Arcane Burst x2
    Poison Gas x1
    Engulfing Flames x1
    Tome of Knowledge x4
    Supernova x2
    Clinging Webs x2
    Shriek of Vengeance x2
    Lay Line Nexus x1
    Dome of Energy x1

    Atm,Im thinking of adding more Item destroying cards such as 'Ley Line Nexus' to help against Hunters as they are giving me lots of problems! Any thoughts?

    I Would like to know what allies would fit the deck better and spells that could improve my deck? Thanks!

    Currently Lv7 with rating of 257!

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    You're ranked quite high for a new player, that is good.
    I recommend watching pyrogene's replays for top notch Majiya games. His ign is A1 Pyrogene I think.

    I also play majiya, but I'm not that good. ign: lentanrogue

    Remove Keldor. If you want to use armor, go for snow sapphire instead of dome of energy. Poison gas and engulfing flames are not very good either but you can use them for now if you don't have gold to upgrade all your cards. Get IK to replace all your other 2ccs like brutalis and carniboar.

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    Alright, thanks for the tips! And yeah some are just in there cause I don't have enough gold. Been thinking of maybe playing with a Portal deck too.

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    I love Majiya. Eladwen is still my fav, but barley. Majiya works best with portal because of her ability.
    I would drop out Keldor, and carnibor. Carnibor comes in to play at 2/2. On your opponents next turn you can bet that he will be targeted first cause players know if ya ignore him he can get pesky later in the game. I currently run 4 Morbid Acolyte and feel he's the perfect ally for shadow Mage's. also I would narrow out your ally choices. You have to many 1 and 2 of and in the middle of a match you'll never draw the ally you need, when you need it. I've found Majiya works best with 16-18 allies and I use the full 18 allies in my current build. If I was you I would run something like this for allies,

    4 Ironhide Karash(great ally early game)
    4 Morbid Acolyte(perfect for Sandworm's,gargoyle's and even moonstalker's allies)
    4 Death Mage Thaddeus(does at least 1 damage when you cast him)
    3 Death Collector(solid 3cc Allie)
    3 Furrion Terror(best 5cc Allie for shadow Mage)

    I would also take out the poison gas, engulfing flames because for 4cc and only 1 damage isn't good value. I would rather run 4 word of the prophet instead since that will help against any bad start hands and go's along way when you start with a horrible starting hand. I notice you had Dome of energy and if your going to use Armor's, I think you'd be better off with Snow Sapphire cause it can really slow an opponent down and allow you to get back in the game. I don't want to make this to long but with the list of allies above I would use the following below and see if you like this more,

    4 Fireballs
    4 Lightning strike
    4 Tome of Knowledge
    3 Word of the Prophet
    3 Clinging Web
    2 Dagger of Unmaking
    2 Ley Line Nexus (A near must for all mages)

    Hope this helps ya out. If you'd like anymore help let me know. I play Majiya a lot ever since portal came into the game and once you master her, she can be very tough to deal with. My IGN IS: K4H Cyph3rX83 if you want to see how I use Majiya. Also I wasn't sure if you have the cards I've listed but if you don't and you like me to come up with a list that could be consistent for you just PM and let me know what you have access too and Id be happy to help ya out. Thanks and Good Luck!
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