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Thread: Super Focus bug

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    Super Focus bug

    Was playing a match Yggdroid vs. IKillUKillAll everything went fine until the last play of the match where my super focus did not activate its ability. Not that it was going to make a difference for winning anyways..xD (I still lost)

    I had a Wulven Tracker with CP on it but played another ally that also got CP on it so SF ability didn't activate but that was not the problem, as when I sacced my other ally Ironhide Kurash with CP, Wulven Tracker did not receive the benefit of Immunity from CP from Super Focus.

    I had attacked with Tracker the turn prior but not on the same turn that I sacced Ironhide
    So yea Super Focus's Attachment Immunity did not activate in that instance.

    Platform: PC Windows 7
    Version: 2.00
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