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    As a new player, this is what I miss

    Hey guys,

    Have been playing SE for about a week now, and think its awesome.
    But i also think there is room for improvement especially the interface.

    One thing I would love to see changed is the way you seaerch for cards.
    As a new player it takes me forever to find the cards im looking for at the vendor(going to be even harder when the new set comes out).
    A nice feature would be to either give the option to narrow down the list of cards shown (checkboxes with for example every hero, or type of card). Another option could be a search box to let me search by name.

    The friend system could do with a update aswell. Like leftclicking a friend in your friendlist and getting the option to send a message or invite to a game.

    And some minor things like giving actual confirmation when saving a deck, first time i tryed saving I wasnt sure it actually saved. Letting you select the amount of cards you want to add to the deck immediatly instead having to click the card and then add 4 times.
    Some options to manage the ingame sound would be nice aswell (slidebar for volume mainly).

    These are the things that would in my opinion change the game for the better.

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    Those are some good suggestions. Thanks for posting them!

    Once the new expansion hits, development focus will shift to improvements like these and big new features, and they'll be appearing over the coming months.


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