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    Dear fellow-writers,

    Time and time again references are made of fears that you will be somehow punished for the writing of Fan-Fiction. Often we've been asked to reveal the 'Official Stance' on these works, so here it is:

    We love it.

    Fan-Fiction is created when members of a community love the game, and that's what we see in these creations. In fact, it was this type of writing that lead me to being hired on by Wulven to create the lore for Shadow Era. I consider all writers kindred, and want to see your efforts prosper. For that reason, we've reached out to a website specializing in this specific genre. Fanfiction.Net now list Shadow Era as an actual category (found HERE) so anything you create can be viewed by more people than ever! I've even added my original works to the site for anyone interested, but I do ask that you remember these are fan-fiction. They are not actual lore, and will not be canonized.

    The past year has been spent creating a whole new universe for people to play, dream, and create in. I'd like to think that there's plenty of room for all of us to enjoy these interesting stories in. All we ask is that when creating a work of fiction that's outside the official lore, please always make sure to designate it as such. Though out more veteran players will of course know the difference, a game can only grow with new players joining the cause. We don't want them confused on what's real and what's fan-created, so please do make sure clearly mark it as such.

    Thank you all for your work, and I'm looking very forward to seeing what new creations you all bring forward!

    Kevin 'NachyoChez' Manning
    Shadow Era Design Team, Flavor and Lore
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