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Thread: "The Shepherd"

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    "The Shepherd"

    Hi everyone, I am new here and would like to share my current Zaladar deck.
    I have played a deck like BlanketEffect's "ZTC 3.0 - The Feedbomb Dynamo" for some times,
    I found the power of the mechanic behind, but when I was facing some solo decks,
    like DC, Millstalker, Gwenneth...I dun have enough atk power to take them down...
    because most of the damage came from Zal blast and Mind Control, without
    the "Help" of opp's ally, only by DMT ping and little bite of IG are not enough to me.
    So, based on the "Feedbomb" mechanic, I built an "Ally version" of it - "The Shepherd".


    3 x Brutails
    4 x Infernal Gargoyle
    3 x Death Mage Thaddeus
    3 x Plasma Behemoth
    3 x Shadow Knight

    2 x Shriek of Vengence
    4 x Sacrifical Lamb
    3 x Bad Santa
    3 x Feedback
    4 x Shadow Font
    4 x Mind Control
    2 x Ley Line Nexus
    2 x Eternal Renewal

    Total: 40 cards + 1 Hero

    Sacrifical Lamb + Feedback combo is so many way to use base on different situtations,
    once you get 5 resources, you will get so many things can choose to do.
    like the ally is dying, CBed, Disabled, Base ATK 0ed, Ablazed, Freezed, Posioned, etc.
    (what IG, DMT, PB always faced in game)
    simply set it free, Sacrifical Lamb -> Feedback -> Shadow Knight to get it back to hand,
    and you got 4 cards in hand + a 5/4 ally in play. (The fact is their cards are limited, but yours (seemly) not!
    also it is important to avoid the life gaining by Soul Seeker, Rampage etc, or card drawing by IIIGG.
    Kill your sheep before it get kill by your opp, why not benefit yourself instead of opp?
    most of time you can foresee there is no use to let it stay in play for one more turn)

    or Sacrifical Lamb (IG/ DMT) -> Feedback -> Infernal Gargoyle + Brutails/ Plasma Behemoth
    so, you still maintain the board, with one more small ally or a fatty in play and 3 more cards in hand!

    or when you need an emergency draw like on Turn 5 but you dun have Mind control/ Ley Line Nexus in hand,
    simply Sacrifical Lamb -> Feedback -> Mind control (if drawn) / LLN (if drawn)...
    even you can do the combo one more time, may be you could not draw the card you want,
    but at least you just get ur deck thinner,
    and you now have more choices and also have higher chance to get it next turn!

    I use both Sac Lamb and Bad Santa, but Bad Santa is only for the last critical moment,
    emergency use cause it would benefit your opponent....even you can use a feedback combo with it....
    but still, your opponent draw 3 more cards, which means 3 more chances to come back, or kill ya.
    (That's why Bazaar is taken out)

    No worry about the Sacrifice of ally, because Shadow Knight will do his job.
    So, you need to always check your graveyard, remember what you have sac for resources,
    and do the Eternal Renewal at suitable time!

    For the later game, somehow 7-9 resources, you will be very busy at that time!

    So, the very basic concept to be a great shepherd are:
    > Maintain the board control (IG stand in play, DMT do the pings, Zal blast, Mind Control, PB's fireball)
    > wait (you are not waiting actually....) and out draw your opp (except for the Blood Fency which is welcomed ),
    destory opp's draw engine (situtational), try to avoid they draw extra card
    > Sacrifice your poor lamb for more cards, more choices and more counter strategies

    Maybe you found this is first deck I would like to
    share with you guys. Thanks for reading, cheers!
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