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    my opinion to play a god stall deck isn't with darkclaw but moonstalker

    but it's already said, rogues are really hard to win, same can be said to priest and mages

    bottom line i think that stall decks are good against decks that really a lot in allies

    for instance, a good somewhat stall deck is victor trap hole combo, or ice nish

    but like always, all of them have weakens or we would all be playing the same hero

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    1. your rating would tell you where you are. if you are below 250, whatever you encounter will not be indicative of the real good decks.
    2. the reason most players use rush is because - more games played, more wins, faster farming, etc;

    plus it's draining playing stall.

    i mean, i've been tweaking my Zhanna deck for a tourney and goddamn, i've been undefeated in QM just experimenting with that deck but in 2 hours, i must've played only 3 games. it made me just want to shelve that deck even if i know it can get me higher in the ratings. (the deck i've been tweaking btw is iClipse's Zhanna deck) all i did was follow iClipse's advise. stall as long as you can, then drop the fatties when your opponent loses steam. it works like a charm. the sac choices are pretty obvious if you've had enough experience in SE.

    but man, i wouldn't want to play that deck everyday. it's terribly boring and time consuming. in one game of playing a Zhanna deck, i could have had 3 matches. Jericho is much more fun to play. you can't stall as long as Zhanna so there's a bit of adrenaline rush trying to survive while out damaging your opponent.
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