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    Android with card sleeves

    Hi I just need a little clarification on something. I know there is another thread about this but its been a couple days and I have not seen an answer to the problem. I just wanted to make the issue more clear with a more explanatory subject line.

    I use Shadow era on both my computer and my android. Since I bought card sleeves with my computer and saved them into my deck I have been getting a client version error on my Android. I Have version 1.62 but it says I need version 1.6 and will not allow me to log in online.

    I thought someone in the other thread said to remove the sleeves from the deck and I thought that meant after doing so to log in with the phone and update it so I can use the sleeves. I tried this and it does not fix the issue so as it stands when I have the sleeves loaded in my decks i can not play shadow era on my phone.

    Is there a fix for this or is one coming that will allow me to use my purchase on both of these mediums?
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    Just download the latest version of client on the main page which is version is v1.700 for both plaforms and reinstall again, that should help.
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