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    (Official) CotCOO Sealed Deck Championship - Complete Rule Set and Signup Thread

    Hi, guys,

    So, after first announcement, here, it's time to lay down the full set of rules for the next Big Event.

    I remember everyone that this Tournament will grant, to the winner, an invitation to participate in World Championship Finals in 2013!

    This thread will also be used to keep on registering all signups to the Stage 1, in continuation of the previous thread (so players that have already signed in previous thread won't have to sign up again; hopefully, they are all in post #3 of this thread). Some more FAQs are added in post #4.

    So, with no further delay…

    The End of an Era…
    Call of the Crystals Official Online Sealed Deck Championship
    Complete Rule Set

    DEADLINE FOR ENTRY (signup in Stage 1) ends at 05 January 2013, 22h00 GMT+0.

    Stage 1 - Swiss Tournament
    Stage 2 - Grand Finals (Top 16)


    This will be a Sealed Deck format, where players will have to build a given deck of 40-card minimum (hero + at least 39 other cards), built from a pool of cards that will be granted to each player through a set of given boosters, unique to each of them.

    Participation is free, all you have to do is sign up in this thread with the exact IGN you are going to use in this tourney. That may not change during the entire tournament, and since you signed up.
    A new thread will be later created, to post round informations and to report results.

    Stage 1 - Swiss Tournament

    Stage 1 is sized for 128 players.
    If signups surpass that number, players will be seeded based on each IGN’s QM rating, assessed roughly at the time of Signup Deadline (in case of ties, time of signup will be second criteria). Remaining post-128 players will stand as reserves/backups until start of Round 1, in case I won’t receive proper decks in time.

    Each player can only participate with one IGN. More than one account from a player, if found, will mean disqualification of the extra accounts (counting only the first that signed).

    Swiss stage is set for 7 rounds.

    Matchup Rules and Scoring System

    Each round will last 5 days, with a gap of 2 additional days for organizational procedures.
    It will be Best of 3 matchups, but where you will have to mandatorily play all 3 games, in order to obtain a final result.
    Decks are locked in each round!! (they can be changed between rounds, but more about it later).
    If you score a 3-0, you win 3 points.
    If you score a 2-1, you win 2 points.
    If you score a 1-2, you win 1 point.
    If you lose by 0-3, you win 0 points.

    As usual,
    A) First game start is random, second game is started by whom went second in the first game, and third game is random again.
    B) If a game ends in a draw, it must be repeated, with the same order of starting turns.
    C) A sync error will have to be replayed with the same order of starting turns, unless a player concedes.
    D) A frozen game will have to be replayed with the same order of starting turns, unless a player concedes.
    E) If a player is disconnected during a game, the victory goes to the other player unless BOTH players agree to replay or a player concedes.

    In the absence of round matchup play, I will be strict to participants, and auto-wins/losses will be conceded in that matchup.
    This will be the system that will be used:

    A) If you fail to show up/set a match during the 5 playing days of each round, an autoloss will be granted to you, giving you 0 points! Your opponent will be granted an autowin of 3 points – corresponding to a 3-0 victory (although less valuable than a real 3-0 victory, due to the fact that Strength-of-Schedule will be the first untying criteria).
    B) Adding to the previous rule, anyone who has not played a specific round, and does not PM me (TO) regarding the reasons why matchup didn’t occur, before next round starts, will be dropped from the competition. No possibility to turn back after that has been done, so make your best efforts to always keep in contact with TO (me).
    C) There will be no Intentional Draws in this tournament. The only way to achieve a draw in this tourney is by Tournament Organizer’s call, and due to the determination of real impossibility of both players, despite their best efforts, to play the matchup (and with responsibilities to both). This draw will worth 1 point to both players.
    I will give players time to explain (since the penalty for not doing so is hard!), so that is one of the reasons of the 2 day’s gap to organizational procedures, already mentioned.
    E) This autowin/loss (and draw) call system is designed to penalize non-played matchups, AWOL players or players not willing to commit to the schedule now presented, in order to press everyone to make their best effort in playing all their games. All deadlines are being presented now, here, so that everyone can decide, here and now, if they want to participate in this format, and within this rules. None of this will be changed after Tournament as started.

    So, very important: players will have to PM TO (me), up to the last day of each round (including gap periods), with a justification to why haven’t they played a specific matchup (if that’s the case). Failure to do that will lead to dropout from the competition.
    No extensions will be conceded.

    Deck Building Rules

    This specific set of rules shows how the deck building process will work.

    DISCLAIMER: Tools are now complete. Major kudos must be awarded to Gondorian, tool wizard, for his excellent work on them. They are perfect, neat, functional, and very helpful to either your role as players and my role as TO. Thanks, Gondorian.


    1. An unique, individual code, will be generated for each player, that will give access to booster’s card list.
    2. I will PM you with that code, (at the end of 5th of January, after seeding all players), that you should keep secret. That code will be mantained troughout the entire tournament, and will give you acess to your booster list.
    3. In that same PM will be sent full instructions of how to proceed with deck building and picking will be sent, and to what links shall you be directed to.
    4. After players see their card list, each one will have roughly 2 days to make the best deck they can, using just those cards in those packs in the booster list (everyone has to have those cards in his own account, ofc), by following links at the bottom of the page for each hero, and then trimming down.
    6. Players will submit their best decks using a submitting button in the upper left of the deck editor tool. That will save their deck for the round and for the tournament, if no further changes are made.
    7. A player can make and/or re-submit his deck as many times as he wants, DURING THE PERIOD THEY HAVE TO DO IT, that is mentioned on this thread and will also be mentioned in the tools used. It won't be possible to submit decks in any other periods different from that ones.
    7. Failure to submit a deck up until the deadline that is established prior to tourney start (7th January, 22h00 GMT+0) will exclude these players from the tournament, and will open a place for potential replacements/backups, if there are any. (players above 128th place of QM ratings).
    8. During 08th January, all decks will be validated according to booster lists sent to each player, and contacts will be made with replacement players (if needed), which will then have about 24h to build and submit their own Decks.
    9. Tourney will start at 09th January 22.00 GMT+0, with all the validated players inserted in a Swiss format table, on, that will only be made public around that time.

    Important Information:
    Round 1 of Stage 1 (Swiss) will start with 15 boosters to each player. That number will grow as rounds pass. More on that, a bit more down, on the following post.

    Additional Important Information
    Two main things will be done as an insurance that players will keep their deck builds valid with the card pools they were given, through the links I’ve sent to each one:

    A) TO will run periodic deck checks, randomly throughout the entire event and in all rounds, by reviewing match replays and comparing the cards used by the players in that matchups with their submitted deck lists. We will also use the help of Wulven’s Game Logs, comparing it with deck lists submitted by players.
    Needless to say, any player caught up using cards that do not belong to their submitted deck lists will automatically be granted a permanent disqualification/dropout from this event.

    B) TO will also work as a standing referee.
    This means that any player can ask for my attention, through PM, saying something like “Hey, that guy had some strange plays, he seemed to always have a Fireball in hand when he needed, he used three in one game, and I feel that in a sealed format, that’s a bit strange. Could you check our matchup out, please?”
    I will then perform a deck check on that matchup, assessing the cards used, comparing them to deck lists and checking game logs, and I will rule if there were any violations or not.

    C) This said, I hope I won’t find any case where I need to rule a disqualification for these reasons. Consequences of that behavior are very serious, will be publicized and will permanently affect the image of a specific player within the community.

    (continues on next post)
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    The Swiss Stage has a Hero Lock format, with a Deck Lock for each matchup.
    Meaning that the hero that you picked from your card pool in the beginning will stay the same throughout all Swiss Stage. The deck, however, may change between rounds/matchups.
    Each Monday night (GMT+0), starting on the first Monday after tournament start (14th January), you will have your individual code updated, that will add to your previous card pool one new booster composition, usable to the next round.
    These cards will add up to your card pool, and will give you more options that can be used in the round starting in the following Wednesday.
    It means that you can change Decklist with them, by submitting a new deck in the deck editor tool, within roughly 48h since you receive the new cards (up until 20.00 GMT+0 of each Wednesday, prior to the beggining of each new round). That info will be also present in the links.

    IMPORTANT: You don’t have to use them, or to change your deck. It’s not an obligation.

    We will then have some more hours to re-check decks again vs the booster's composition, allowing each new round to start in the end of each Wednesday (22.00 GMT+0).

    Failure to do that will make me consider the deck you submitted in the previous round as your deck to the next Round. Meaning that, if you are deck checked and you are found with new unreported cards in your deck, you will be disqualified from this event.

    This added-booster rule is set to increase complexity and variability through the round matchups, also reducing luck factor. It also means that players will continually have a bigger card pool to pick a deck from, each round, starting from 15 boosters in Round 1 and up to a maximum of 21 boosters in Round 7.

    Don’t forget that it’s always a hero lock (at this stage).

    Rd 1 – Initial 15 booster’s card pool (CP)
    Rd 2 – Initial 15 booster’s CP + 1 booster = 16 boosters
    Rd 3 – Initial 15 booster’s CP + 2 boosters = 17 boosters
    Rd 4 – Initial 15 booster’s CP + 3 boosters = 18 boosters
    Rd 5 – Initial 15 booster’s CP + 4 boosters = 19 boosters
    Rd 6 – Initial 15 booster’s CP + 5 boosters = 20 boosters
    Rd 7 – Initial 15 booster’s CP + 6 boosters = 21 boosters

    Here's a video tutorial for how to use the sealed deck tools, in case you need it:

    Swiss Rounds

    Here is the timeline for Swiss Rounds:

    Swiss Round 1 is from 09th Jan to 14th Jan – Gap from 14th to 16th to OP*
    Swiss Round 2 is from 16th Jan to 21th Jan - Gap from 21th to 23th to OP*
    Swiss Round 3 is from 23th Jan to 28th Jan - Gap from 28th to 30th to OP*
    Swiss Round 4 is from 30th Jan to 04th Feb - Gap from 04th to 06th to OP*
    Swiss Round 5 is from 06th Feb to 11th Feb - Gap from 11th to 13th to OP*
    Swiss Round 6 is from 13th Feb to 18th Feb - Gap from 18th to 20th to OP*
    Swiss Round 7 is from 20th Feb to 25th Feb.

    Consider all these days starting/ending at 22:00 GMT+0.
    *OP – Organizational Procedures - Gaps for organizational procedures will be taken to fully determinate TO’s judgment calls, and to wait for each player’s re-submission of decklists, if one want’s to use the ADDED BOOSTERS that each additional round will bring.

    Opponents in Round 1 will be decided random.
    Opponents in subsequent rounds will be determined based on points thought Swiss table.
    (Those with 3 points are paired up, those with 2 points are paired up, those with 1 point are paired up, and so forth. The exception here is that you cannot face the same person in two different rounds.)

    Untying System will work as follow:
    This tournament will primarily use the Median-Buchholz system for breaking ties. The "tie-break score" that will be displayed in the Swiss results table, in Challonge, is the sum of a player's opponents' scores, with the best and worst scores discarded. Should players be tied by score and tie-break score, they are sorted based on their records relative to one another.

    Stage 2 - Grand Finals (Top 16)

    Grand Finals will happen in the weekend of 02nd-03rd March 2013.

    Grand Finals will work in a Single Elimination Tournament style, as in WC Finals, with a Bo3 matchup in all rounds.
    They will be played with 16 players, the top 15 players ranked in the Swiss Rounds, and 1 Wild Card.

    At this stage, all players will have a card pool composed of 15 initial boosters plus the 6 bonus boosters that have been given throughout the Swiss rounds.
    Entering this new stage, players will be given 3 new boosters, to add to their previous 21, to a grand total of 24 booster’s card pool (360 total card pool).
    The important new aspect here is that you will also be able to change your hero, if you want, to any hero that is part of your new 24 booster card pool.
    A new deck may be made, with same 40 card minimum limit.

    There will be a 3rd place play-off in the Finals.


    Grand Prize (1st place) = Complete physical set of CotC Cards, including one of each physical foil; invite to WC2013; 10,000SC; custom forum title
    2nd on Final Stage = 5000SC
    3rd on Final Stage = 2500SC
    Top 8 (4th to 8th) (on Final Stage) = 500SC
    Top 32 (on Swiss Stage + WildCard winner) = 200 garanteed SC (if you get Top 8 or better, you will get the corresponding prize, and not this one)

    Last-Chance Qualifier (week prior to Grand Finals – 23rd February – 01st March)

    Anyone who misses out on registering to the Swiss Stage, or does not make the top 15 in that Stage, can take part on a last-chance qualifier tournament that will happen prior to the Grand Finals, where the winner will secure the Wild Card, guaranteeing a spot in the top 16.

    This will be a Single Pop-Up Elimination Tourney, that any player can access, to which will be given 21 boosters to every participant, to compose a deck with the same rules of the Swiss Stage.
    It will also be a Bo3 Tourney.


    1. Turn on email notifications for Private Messages on this forum.
    2. Check your forum inbox or email periodically.
    3. Become familiar with IRC. There is a very good thread here on how to settle up your matchups: (particularly important, the Steps 7-12)
    4. Read and re-read all of this post, and ask if any doubt arises.
    5. Very important: don’t forget to send your decklist URLs in time!!
    1. Check your forum inbox or email daily.
    2. When you know who your opponent is for the current week, you need to contact him by PM and agree on a date and time to play, along with a password you will use to create each Custom Match and who will create each game. Ideally, you will agree to meet on IRC, as that makes some things easier, but it is not essential.
    3. Quote all times in GMT. If you don't know how to tell the time in GMT, just use this clock.
    4. At the agreed date and time, the agreed person creates the first game and waits for the other player to join. The server will choose who goes first at random.
    5. At the end game 1, the second game is created by the agreed person and the other player joins. Whoever went second in game 1 should now go first in this game. If the server doesn't co-operate, quit out of the game (by clicking on CHALLENGE) and the creator can make a new one. Keep doing this until the right person gets to go first.
    6. After game 2, a third game will be created by the agreed person. The server will choose who goes first at random, again.
    7. At the end of three games where there was a winner in each (draws are not valid results, as said before), players heads over to this forum and report the result in the corresponding Round thread.
    8. After the match has been reported, you have completed the round and you can wait for your next opponent in the following round. Your opponent will be determined based on the points you scored.
    9. DO NOT BECOME UNCONTACTABLE DURING THE EVENT. Failure to play your matchup, through being unavailable to schedule it, will lead you to score 0 points for the round, and possibly a dropout.
    10. If you are having trouble scheduling a matchup with your opponent, always keep TO informed by PM, so I can know what decision to make at the end of the deadline. This said, try to be flexible about when you can play. Try to organize the match early in the round, if possible.
    11. At the end of the final round, the 15 players with the most points, settled by Challonge using the mentioned criteria, will make it to the Grand Finals, with the winner of the Wild Card Tournament.
    12. Very important: don’t forget to re-send your decklist URLs in time (24h), if you used any of the cards coming from the added boosters, in each Round!!
    This is pretty much all there is to it.
    Please, feel free to use any of this following days, up to the beginning of the Event, for rule clarification or to present any doubt.

    The signups, as already stated, will end at 05th January 2013, 20:00 GMT+0.

    Here’s a complete timeline of this major event, for easier (and more visual) understanding.

    Good luck to all!!
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    Sign Ups

    Please state again your IGN (you can also PM me with it, if you prefer), if you think you already signed, but your forum name/IGN is not on the list.

    QM Rating will only be assessed after signup deadline, as stated, so no need to state them now.
    Order is atm only related to time of signing.

    #. Forum Name - IGN

    Forum Name IGN Hero Used
    Ron Zacapa A1 Ron Zacapa Lance
    Geckt BP Geckt Gravebone
    Quirom Qui rom Majiya
    Drevo Triska Punk 1905 Boris
    Zhou86 BP Zhou Majiya
    Icebear A1 Icebear Zaladar
    Larus A1 Larus Majiya
    Biasair Biasair Banebow
    Mitterneyer E2E Mitterneyer Zaladar
    Diablo5536 TJ Diablo5536 Logan
    Barcafan95 TJ Barcafan95X Banebow
    OneTrueBob TJ OneTrueBobX Majiya
    1ndeed A1 1ndeed Majiya
    Alexmf TJ AlexmfX Banebow
    Tcsnider BP Tcsnider Gravebone
    Igornvidal LDL Kuhuru Lance
    SamuelJ TJ SamuelJ Darkclaw
    Salivanth TJ SalivanthX Banebow
    Azrae1 Azrae1 Eladwen
    Airact Airact Banebow
    Yvan Antoine TJ YmantoineX Eladwen
    Busti A1 Busti Majiya
    Bayfighter E2E Bayfight3r Victor
    Rayzie TJ Rayzie Majiya
    Rcola12 Rcola12 Majiya
    Silverclaw TJ Silverclaw Moonstalker
    KA M Anson KA M Anson Majiya
    Colosal LDL Colosal Majiya
    vAct KA vAct Boris
    Youanthe Youanthe3 Boris
    Atomzed A1 Atomzed Moonstalker
    Huyhuy Huyhuy Eladwen
    Bluebird503 Bluebird503 Majiya
    Direwulven BP Direwulven Gravebone
    Keropok BP Keropok Majiya
    Berdugo Berdugo ETC Zhanna
    Soothslyress A1 Ch3ckmat3 Gravebone
    Raphael Majere BP Raph Majere 1 Banebow
    Dakaest TJ DakaestX Banebow
    Nickey293 TJ Nickey293 Eladwen
    Jazz J a z z Majiya
    Flycheung A1 Flycheung Majiya
    D-Man Agent of Sith Nishaven
    Danny the King BP Dannytheking Majiya
    Fakekiki A1 Fakekiki Nishaven
    Kidatheart87 Kidatheart Nishaven
    Anhkhoa1986 TJ Thutinh Majiya
    KA Leo KA Leo Gravebone
    Fgforever KA 312 Boris
    Enalanel BP Enalanel Eladwen
    Fou DeLile ETC FDL Moonstalker
    FlyingFerrari TJ FlyingFerrari Boris
    Hatedkid Hatedkid Majiya
    The Haydes BP The Haydes Majiya
    Minato TJ Minato Majiya
    Vortex143 TJ VortexX Majiya
    Dylan Hunt Dylanhunt Eladwen
    Coldsteel ETC Coldsteel Gravebone
    TheSt4lker TheSt4lker Majiya
    Gnome72 Zyndram Smilebri Zhanna
    Nizaris BP Nizaris Amber
    Jacqui A1 Jacqui Majiya
    Vitality A1 Vitality Majiya
    Mojojojo BP Emigor Majiya
    Bobwei Bobwei Elementalis
    Kabuki AA1 Kabuki Victor
    Bobbypim Bobbypim Banebow
    Zoolgar Zoolgar Majiya
    Mongoosey TJ Mongoosey Majiya
    Speed Freak A1 SpeedFreak Moonstalker
    Oblio91 BP Oblio Eladwen
    Juankiii25 BP Juanki Majiya
    Lyingdragon A1 Lyingdragon Eladwen
    Mew Two ETC Mewtwo Majiya
    Maximont BP Maximont Zaladar
    Pandevmonium BP Pandevmonium Majiya
    Sent_ TJ SentX Gravebone
    Jorge Vargas LDL Colok Nishaven
    Starval TJ Starval Banebow
    Maldazar E2E Maldazar Moonstalker
    Caparod TJ CaparodX Baduruu
    Poochie2 A1 Poochie Elementalis
    JoseMourinho JoseMourinh0 Eladwen
    A1 Seragyn A1 Seragyn Moonstalker
    Demnchi A1 Demnchi Boris
    Dady D4dy Moonstalker
    Black Mescaline TJ MescalineX Boris
    Hiro8emon BP Hachi Moonstalker
    Holynoob A1 Holynoob Banebow
    Broderick Langforth Brodderick Logan
    Ravp Ravp Gravebone
    Justicar ASF Justicar Boris
    FarqTheOrc TJ FarqTheOrc Majiya
    Dashbdash Dashbdash2 Zaladar
    Shadow Mann BP Shadow Mann Majiya
    Mip BP Mip1 Gravebone
    Sisyphos A1 Sisyphos Majiya
    Makubexwang KA M Coolking Majiya
    PP Star 4ever Y2Jericho Eladwen
    Boreaquis Boreaquis Zaladar
    PabloLima TJ P10X Majiya
    JKMatthews JKMatthews Victor
    Benumb Benumb Majiya
    Nataku TJ Nataku X Majiya
    Gothos Gothos Eladwen
    Cygandell Cygandell Elementalis
    TheGatheringer TheGatheringer Majiya
    Monomax TJ MonoMax Nishaven
    Mr Trivel Mr Trivel Boris
    Cyph3rX83 AA1 Cyph3rX83 Eladwen
    TheJoker79 TheJoker79 Eladwen
    Drizz'l Ronin Drizl Elementalis
    Mura002 Mura002 Ter Adun
    Chefadamo Chefadamo Boris
    Candie Candie Gravebone
    KA StoneCold KA StoneCold Banebow
    nMer nMer Eladwen
    44r0n Broadbone Moonstalker
    EvilDave Evildave7775 Zaladar
    Jackal Colts8729 Majiya


    KA Sey
    Gerardo E

    Total of players participating: 121

    Ron Zacapa
    Raphael Majere
    Broderick Langforth

    Dylan Hunt
    Black Mescaline
    Mew Two
    Speed Freak

    Total of players currently participating: 101
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    As of yesterday it's A1 Ch3ckmat3 now, just incase anyone needs to find me. (hi)

    Quote Originally Posted by NaharPT View Post
    Sign Ups

    Please state again your IGN (you can also PM me with it, if you prefer), if you think you already signed, but your forum name/IGN is not on the list.

    QM Rating will only be assessed after signup deadline, as stated, so no need to state them now.
    Order is atm only related to time of signing.

    #. Forum Name - IGN

    1. Ron Zacapa - A1 Ron Zacapa
    2. Geckt - BP Geckt
    3. Quirom - Qui rom
    4. Drevo Triska - Punk 1905
    5. Zhou86 - BP Zhou
    6. Icebear - A1 Icebear
    7. Larus - A1 Larus
    8. Biasair - Biasair
    9. Mitterneyer - E2E Mitterneyer
    10. Diablo5536 - TJ Diablo5536
    11. Barcafan95 - TJ Barcafan95X
    12. OneTrueBob - TJ OneTrueBobX
    13. 1ndeed - A1 1ndeed
    14. Alexmf - TJ AlexmfX
    15. Tcsnider - BP Tcsnider
    16. Dayoni - Dayoni
    17. Igornvidal - LDL Kuhuru
    18. SamuelJ - TJ SamuelJ
    19. Salivanth - TJ SalivanthX
    20. Azrae1 - Azrae1
    21. Airact - Airact
    22. Yvan Antoine - TJ YmantoineX
    23. Busti - A1 Busti
    24. Bayfighter - E2E Bayfight3r
    25. Rayzie - TJ Rayzie
    26. Rcola12 - Rcola12
    27. Silverclaw - TJ Silverclaw
    28. KA M Anson - KA M Anson
    29. Colosal - LDL Colosal
    30. vAct - KA vAct
    31. Youanthe - Youanthe3
    32. Atomzed - A1 Atomzed
    33. Huyhuy - Huyhuy
    34. Bluebird503 - Bluebird503
    35. Direwulven - BP Direwulven
    36. Keropok - BP Keropok
    38. Berdugo - Berdugo ETC
    39. Soothslyress - Ch3ckmat3
    40. Raphael Majere - BP Raph Majere 1
    41. Dakaest - TJ DakaestX
    42. Nickey293 - TJ Nickey293
    43. Jazz - J a z z
    44. Flycheung - A1 Flycheung
    45. D-Man - Agent of Sith
    46. Wicktoria - ASF Wicktoria
    47. Wreon - BP Wreon
    48. Danny the King - BP Dannytheking
    49. Fakekiki - A1 Fakekiki
    50. Kidatheart87 - Kidatheart
    51. Anhkhoa1986 - TJ Thutinh
    52. KA Leo - KA Leo
    53. Fgforever - KA 312
    54. Enalanel - BP Enalanel
    55. Fou DeLile - ETC FDL
    56. FlyingFerrari - TJ FlyingFerrari
    57. Hatedkid - Hatedkid
    58. The Haydes - BP The Haydes
    59. Minato - TJ Minato
    60. Vortex143 - TJ VortexX
    61. Holdsfast - Holdsfast
    62. Dylan Hunt - Dylanhunt
    63. Coldsteel - ETC Coldsteel
    64. TheSt4lker - BP TheSt4lker
    65. Gnome72 - Zyndram Smilebri
    66. Nizaris - BP Nizaris
    67. Jacqui - A1 Jacqui
    68. Vitality - A1 Vitality
    69. Mojojojo - BP Emigor
    70. Bobwei - Bobwei
    71. Kabuki - AA1 Kabuki
    72. Bobbypim - Bobbypim
    73. KA Sey - KA M Sey
    74. Zoolgar - Zoolgar
    75. Mongoosey - TJ Mongoosey
    76. Speed Freak - A1 SpeedFreak
    77. Oblio91 - BP Oblio
    78. Juankiii25 - BP Juanki
    79. Lyingdragon - A1 Lyingdragon
    80. Gerardo E - TJ Gerardo
    81. Mew Two - ETC Mewtwo
    82. Maximont - BP Maximont
    83. Pandevmonium - BP Pandevmonium
    84. Sent_ - TJ SentX
    85. Jorge Vargas - LDL Colok
    86. Starval - TJ Starval
    87. Maldazar - E2E Maldazar
    88. Caparod - TJ CaparodX
    89. Poochie2 - A1 Poochie
    90. JoseMourinho - JoseMourinh0
    91. A1 Seragyn - A1 Seragyn
    92. Demnchi - A1 Demnchi
    93. Dady - D4dy
    94. Black Mescaline - TJ MescalineX
    95. Hiro8emon - BP Hachi
    96. Holynoob - A1 Holynoob
    97. Broderick Langforth - Brodderick
    98. Ravp - Ravp
    99. Justicar - ASF Justicar
    100. FarqTheOrc - TJ FarqTheOrc
    101. Dashbdash - Dashbdash2
    102. Shadow Mann - BP Shadow Mann
    103. Mip - BP Mip1
    104. Sisyphos - A1 Sisyphos
    105. Makubexwang - KA M Coolking
    106. PP Star 4ever - Y2Jericho
    107. N3rd4Christ - E2E N3rd4Christ
    108. Boreaquis - Boreaquis
    109. PabloLima - TJ P10X
    110. JKMatthews - JKMatthews
    111. Benumb - Benumb
    112. Nataku - TJ Nataku X
    113. Gothos - Gothos
    114. Cygandell - Cygandell
    115. TheGatheringer - TheGatheringer
    116. Monomax - TJ Monomax
    117. Mr Trivel - Mr Trivel
    118. Cyph3rX83 - AA1 Cyph3rX83
    119. TheJoker79 - TheJoker79
    120. Drizz'l - Ronin Drizl
    121. Mura002 - Mura002
    122. Chefadamo - Chefadamo
    123. Candie - Candie
    124. KA Stonecold - KA Stonecold
    125. nMer - nMer
    126. 44r0n - Broadbone
    127. EvilDave - ????
    128. Jackal - Colts8729

    Remember: If there is more than 128 signups, players will be seeded by: a) QM rating; b) Time of Signup.
    Players post-128 seed will be reserves, to join in the case that one of the first 128 players doesn't abide with all the formalites needed before tourney starts.

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    I've made a video tutorial for how to use the sealed deck tools, in case you need it:

    Note that you can click the List option in the top right of the deckbuilder to just view card names rather than images. This will probably be required for people behind the great firewall of China.

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    1) Players are allowed to change deck contents between matches (but keeping same hero). Does it have to be the same deck size? E.g., in Round 1 a player has a 40 card deck. Can he change the deck size to 42, in Round 2?

    A: The only deck limitation between rounds is 40 card minimum (besides hero lock). If in Round 1 a player had a 41 card deck, and in Round 2, due to the new cards received, he wants to make a new deck list, with let’s say 43 cards, he is allowed to do it.
    As long as he saves/sends (remains to be determined in full detail) the new version, that one will be his deck, from that moment on.

    2) When will the matchups/pairings for each next round be announced? Before, or after players submit the new deck lists?

    A: Each next round pairings will only be publicized when the time for new round starts (i will make sure of that, by not inserting last result on Challonge, until that time comes.)
    That will surely be after all players sent their deck changes (there is a time difference between the deadline for deck submission and the start of each round).

    3) I see that the website actually lists down the hero’s decks you can make by size, which links a player to the deck editor.
    In case that the linked deck editor isn’t working properly, do players get DQ for using the wrong cards?
    Example, a player clicks on the 15 booster pack link and it gives the list of cards he has. At the bottom it shows that he have the most cards for Victor. He clicks on that link, and it brings him to the deck editor. In the deck editor, he has 60 cards that he can trim down, which include 4x soul seeker.
    However, the original list does not have 4x soul seeker. There was an error that displays the wrong set of cards in the deck editor. Will the player get penalized for that, then?

    A: I tried to state on the rules that the tools for deck building and pack linking are still being worked on.
    Gondorian is taking care of that, as we speak.
    So, some alterations are to be expected to the links that are now presented in the sealed deck tool. We do expect that the new tools are as bug free as possible, so a scenario like that won't happen.
    Don't worry, i will keep everyone informed about that changes when the time is right, and about what is expected of each player to do, due to that changes.

    Anyway, on the small chance that Gondorian can't change/replace the tools (or if they, in fact, have bugs), and to answer specifically to your example, i will state the following:

    Any bug, regarding the tool, that is replicable by the TO, is bound to be Organization's responsibility, and won't mean a penalization to the player.
    However, players have the responsability to check if their deck is valid, comparing it to the booster card list themselves. That will avoid many issues that could arise from potential bugs that we cannot control.

    Meaning, in your example, that if I’m able to take your code, try to build your deck, and replicate the same situation you have found (having 4 soul seeker in the deck editor, while there weren't 4 in the booster pack link), i will accept the deck list url sent, with the 4 soul seekers, since that can't clearly be blamed on you. (i however strongly suggest that you can make that verification yourself, and PM me if you found out something wrong...)
    If, however, I cannot replicate that conditions - as in, to me, that doesn't happen at all – then I will have to make a call about that bug.
    So I will run it over a third person (Gondorian, probably), and if he finds the same condition as I did, then the penalization (disqualification) will be applied to the player; because, to all the extent a TO can go, that situation has to be assessed as player's fault.

    4) What happens when the points and tiebreaker scores are tied? Your rules state that the "they will be ranked compared to 1 another". How does that work? Is it by number of wins, win-loss ratio, or win-loss difference?
    Fictional Example: the final spot has 2 players fighting for it. Both players have 12 points and tiebreak of 20. Both players have a record of 12 wins, 9 losses. Player 1 has 4x 3-0 wins and 3x 0-3 losses. Player 2 has 5x 2-1 wins, and 2x 1-2 losses.
    Which player will go through then?

    A: You are right, it is not stated what exactly will be the third (and following) criteria (and there might eventually be some situation, where they are needed).
    So i will state them now, the Full Untying Criteria.

    a) Number of points (score);
    b) Strength-of-Schedule tiebreaker;

    next untying criteria’s will be
    c) results of the matchup between players, if it existed (this will only apply if we are deciding between a pair of players - if 3 or more players tie in score and tiebreaker, c) criteria is skipped);
    d) biggest number of rounds won;
    d) biggest number of 3-0 round wins;
    e) random pick between tied players, monitored by Gondorian.

    5) How will the extra boosters be added to each player’s card pool?

    A: The way the extra boosters will be done is that players will have one code they will use to view their boosters, and Gondorian simply adds an extra booster for that code each week, so players will see more cards available to them in each round. Nahar will not need to PM everyone a new code each week. Players will also be able to save the deck themselves via the web-based deck builder, and not need to send a list to Nahar. (None of that functionality is there in the basic sealed deck tool yet, but Gondorian will have it working in time for the 5th Jan.)

    6) Will Last Chance Qualifier Tourney will have totally new boosters/card pool for everyone involved (including the players that already participated in Swiss format)?

    A: Yes. New card pools to everyone in that tournament.

    7) Can a player sign up with more than one forum account and IGN?

    A: No. Each player can only participate in this tourney with one IGN/forum account. More than one account from a player, if found out, will mean disqualification of the extra accounts (counting only the first that signed).

    8) How is the new "The account has been logged in elsewhere" bug treated? Is it like a freeze or a disconnect?

    A: We hope that that bug is so rare, that it won't mean any occurrence in this tourney, at all.

    However, if it does happen, it will be treated as a disconnecting situation.
    We don't want to open holes in the rules so people can claim that they had a logging bug disconnection, trying with it to repeat the game.

    Players may, however, expose with detail their situation to TO, if that happens, and TO will make a final judgement about it. (which may simply be a confirmation of the established rule.)
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    FYI: I'll try to keep this thread clean for people by removing any things that get addressed, like IGN fixes and whatnot.

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    Hi Nahar,

    I understand that you will PM us the link for the first 15 opened boosters. But what about the bonus boosters? Will you send the link to us every Monday? And will the link contain the first 15 boosters and the new boosters? Or only the new content?

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhou86 View Post
    Hi Nahar,

    I understand that you will PM us the link for the first 15 opened boosters. But what about the bonus boosters? Will you send the link to us every Monday? And will the link contain the first 15 boosters and the new boosters? Or only the new content?

    Thank you.
    The exact way on how that is going to be done, is still a work in progress, in the hands of the tool Gondorian is building.
    That is why i placed the DISCLAIMER in the rules.

    As soon as we have more specific news on that matter, i'll make sure you guys are well informed about it.
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    I like the way you've organized this. The additional boosters is a nice twist, although it might take a while before they make an impact.
    Elder TJ


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