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When building decks and evaluating how consistently they'll play, many people struggle with how to calculate the probability of:
  1. Getting at least one specific card A by the turn they need it to appear, while balancing that probability against having too many of that card when they don't want it to appear.
  2. Getting a combo of card A AND card B, either by the same turn or card A on turn X and card B on turn Y.
  3. Getting EITHER card A OR card B by a specific turn.
  4. Extrapolating from specific cards to general events, the odds of both event A AND event B happening, or of EITHER event A OR event B happening.
Unfortunately, shannong appears to be as much a victim as anyone in this struggle. Most of the OP is just plain wrong, and with over 10,000 views there still hasn't been much correction. Why has this been stickied?