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    Proposing Various UI Changes

    Don't get me wrong, I think Shadow Era is a great game, but there are just a lot of annoying features of the UI that make it less enjoyable. Although at first the UI seems very pretty with all the eye candy, after a while you just wish it was more functional. (Cough *the menu* cough) Here I post some changes that I think should be made to the Shadow Era UI. It probably won't be easy to make these changes, but I'd really hope they can be implemented some future release!

    Deck Builder
    • Show the amount of each card using numbers, not by having multiple cards, just like on the Deck Builder:
    • Click card to add/remove
    • View card by right clicking
    • Multiple decks per hero with deck names (I hear they're implementing this in 1.7?)

    Game Screen
    • Make cards not zoom (such as when targeting/) except when right clicking on them
    • Make attack/ability buttons appear when hovering over card
    • Target card by just clicking (e.g. attacking/sacrifice stage)
    • Spacebar to cancel action
    • Option to enable/disable animations
    • Option to make camera focus manual(changes only when mouse wheel/trackpad scrolls)/assisted(how it is now)
    • Show player name/rating below hero icons in top right and left corners
    • Enter to open chat

    • Card filters (faction, class, type, price)
    • Search card
    • Prices and buy button shown without needing to click card
    • Right click to zoom

    • Make menu animations snappier
    • Esc button to open menu
    • Maybe make menu a simple popup menu
    • On some window sizes on Mac/PC, buttons resize incorrectly and may overlap

    I admit some of these ideas aren't great, so any feedback is appreciated!

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    Good points.

    Quote Originally Posted by charlie-meng View Post
    • Enter to open chat
    This already exists though.
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    Hmmm, that single click interface would be pretty nice and would help prevent mistakes such as hitting ability instead of attack. Though, it is the way it is currently because the game was designed for mobile platforms which technically don't have right click (but were getting drag and drop so yay!). I certainly wouldn't mind having that single click mode as an option. These are some good suggestions.

    The 1.70 preview doesn't mention if Multiple deck slots per hero will be available or not, merely a slot for sleeves when building the deck. Though I hope the deck slots feature comes sooner rather than later.
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    A whole interface re-design would be nice yes! you need to get onto them Deminchi you are the moderator here!

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    Not all of these changes would help mobile players, like everything that involves right clicking and ESCing. I assume more ppl play mobile than PC, right? (no idea, actually)


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