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    My Amber deck, any thoughts?

    So after completing a preist deck I had wanted an amber rain deck, I think I have made a strong deck and would like some opinions.

    Amber Rain

    Jasmine Rosecult x4
    Priest of the Light x2
    Kristoffer Wyld x4
    Raven Wildheart x4
    Aldon the Brave x2
    Aeon Stormcaller x3

    Reserve Weapon x2
    Enrage x1
    Smashing Blow x2
    Crippling Blow x4
    Rampage x1
    Blood Frenzy x4
    Bazaar x2

    The King's Pride x2
    Jeweler's Dream x4
    Rusty Longsword x2

    My thought behind my deck is that if i play Blood Frenzy I usually run out of cards in my hand and end up wasting resources especially if i lose control and trying to survive off the 2 cards i draw. Plus with having 6 cards out of the 45 being a draw mechanism I'll be sure to get a draw card early. I found that even when i played bazaar i could do more than my opponent so why not draw 3 cards a turn and using JD pump out the damages. The only decks i have trouble with is probably elementals and mage decks since they can take out my allies fairly easily.

    Any comments on improvements?


    Changed a couple of things after reading some opinions, I want to keep the bazaar's in my deck I always find that if I get behind in allies i end up having the 2 cards i drew into my hand which late game always wastes a lot of my resources i don't mind if my opponent is drawing 2 cards a turn as well. I did change it so i can at least get Blood frenzy first before bazaar. I took out the marshland sentinels and lily's but put in POTL to help with shadow abilities.
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    First you should slim your deck to 40 cards (or 39 if you're not counting the hero).

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    Too many cards in my opinion.
    My suggestions:

    -2 Marshland
    -3 Bazaar
    -2 Lily
    +1 Blood Frenzy
    +2 Tainted Oracle

    Make your deck total 41 cards.
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    If you feel you need Bazaar maybe you sacrifice too many cards.


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