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    Recent App update for iPhone 5!

    I just noticed the app has been updated to fit the new 4 inch screen from the iPhone 5. I'm very excited!

    The bottom of the Login/Register bar goes off screen just a little bit. No biggy.
    Updating got stuck the first time I tried it at 10.59%, I cancelled it and tried again and it updated to 100% almost instantly.
    All the bars/buttons are much more responsive than they were before(e.g the arrow bars in the card buy section). it also seems like the quality of the images are better. Everything looks very sharp *thumbs up*.

    I'd just like to mention that the background image off the "Deck" part hasnt been strechted out and that theres an "All" button which slightly covers the "Hide Unusable" part. And "Show Friends" at the Challenge interface is covering the Status/Game Type/Started titles, so you might want to move that up a little, if possible of course.

    If I notice anything I'll let you guys know. All of the above isnt really that big of a deal. If you have a future update coming up you could take the chance on perfecting the app even more .

    Thanks for the update!

    Edit; Hadn't seen the iPad 3 support thread yet, it also states the overlapping issues
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