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    Dimension Ripper vs a Rabid Bitten / Mind Controlled ally (who draws the card(s)?)

    Here's another "oldie". I'm not sure whether any decisions have been made about the issue since the last time I inquired about it, so I'll mention it here in the card FAQ where it probably belongs:

    At the time I'm writing this, the wording of Dimension Ripper reads:

    "When your hero deals combat damage while Dimension Ripper is in play, each player in combat draws a card from the other player's deck."

    Currently, Dimension Ripper triggers so that both players in the game draw a card from each other's deck when your hero deals damage with it to your own ally that attacks your hero due to Rabid Bite or Mind Control, even though in that case, all the entities participating in the combat "belong" to a single player.

    Previous discussion about the subject can be found here.

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    After further discussion with DT and Kyle, here is the definitive ruling:

    Q: If someone makes one of my own allies attack my hero, who has
    Dimension Ripper, and combat damage is dealt by Dimension Ripper, are
    any cards drawn and, if so, where from?

    A: Since there is only one player in combat (you) then there is no
    "other player" in combat to have a card drawn from, so no card draw
    takes place.

    Note: The digital game currently does not behave like this (both players get a card from each other), so this will be fixed in a future version.

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