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    Gold grinding deck for each heroes.

    Just had this idea,

    boris (made by Jao)

    4 dirk
    4 kris
    4 puwen
    4 birgitte
    4 blake
    4 blood Frenzy
    3 war banner
    3 aldon

    Wins: usually kills by T5 or T6.

    Tips: just go for the throat. when you have birgitte out, GB ignores all allies.

    ══════════════════════════════════════════════════ ══════════════

    amber (made by graphlem, fully tested by himself)

    4 kris
    4 birgitte
    3 blake
    4 puwen
    3 aldon
    3 war banner
    4 bad santa
    4 jeweler's dream

    Tips: All GB does is throw out some Firesnakes, Bruts, and a few Gargs -- they will kill Kris sporadically, and they WILL kill blake ASAP, so I tried tossing in birgitte. I was hesitant since she attacks for zero, but GB's allies WILL ignore her, so you don't lose Kris and blake to them, plus she hits for 2 pretty consistently with aldon and a war banner out. Toss in Amber's instant 3 attack and you're good to go in 5 or 6 turns . If they don't cast any allies, go with blake and Kris as long as you can until they do cast one, then cast birgitte to protect them -- and if they do cast Brut/FS before you get a birgitte out, go with the puwens and Kris first (the AI seems to ignore Kris most of the time for some reason, but never ignores blake if they have an ally that can kill him).

    amber (made by me, quickly made/tested)

    4 puwen
    4 jasmine (or Priest of the light)
    4 Kris
    4 blake
    2 dirk
    3 aldon
    4 bad santa
    4 Jewelers's dream

    Wins: T6 (vs boris), T5 (vs majiya), T6 (vs gravebone), T9 (vs baduruu), T6 (vs majiya), T6 (vs gravebone), T6 (vs majiya)

    Tips: don't bother playing against other heroes than Mages, Wulven have what big teeth, Hunters have Bows, Warriors have weapons (and ter adun ability is a pain obviously). Firesnake is programed to kill blake so kill it or sac blake, they ignore Kris, so... Ignore AI's allies go for the throat. I never used bad santa so you can put 2 dirk, one aldon and one other winnies if you don't have bad santa, or put smashing blow if you have trouble to kill Mages before they cast snow sapphire, i never give them time to cast it, or go for blood frenzy but you don't really need card advantage and BF is 3cc and this is bad.

    ══════════════════════════════════════════════════ ══════════════

    eladwen (made by Kangozza)

    4 x kris
    4 x puwen
    4 x jasmine (or priest of the light)
    3 x aldon
    4 x FB
    4 x LS
    2 x supernova
    2 x bazaar
    2 x bad santa

    Tips: see post #8 & 11 of this thread. Just go for the throat.

    ↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯↯ ↯↯

    Human Tips: sac jasmine or Priest of the Light than a 2cc allies.
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