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    Elementalis Aggro Deck

    What's up y'all. First time poster. My rating is about 230, as of when I'm posting this. I don't know how to autocard and all that, so bear with me on the decklist...

    Just wanting some help with my Elementalis deck. It's been performing pretty well, but I feel like it could use a little tweaking.

    Here's the list:


    4 Spark
    4 Dark Flayer
    4 Infernal Gargoyle
    2 Medusil
    3 Chimera
    2 Belladonna
    3 Shadow Knight

    1 Energy Discharge
    4 Mind Control
    1 Shard of Power
    1 Shriek of Vengeance
    2 Acid Jet
    2 Bazaar
    4 Bad Santa
    2 Armor of Ages

    It's a pretty straightforward beatdown deck, but I'm finding that stuff that can withstand the rush and build to a powerful late game presents me with a problem. I'm not sure what the solution might be: some life gain? A few more fatties at the high end of my curve? Not really sure... Also, some warrior decks can be rough, especially because of the card advantage they get with Blood Frenzy.

    Advice, anyone?

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    Only 1 card in the deck is meaningless, because you will get that card by luck only. Depend on your strategy, remove such card only have 1 in deck, and keep your deck within 40-45 cards

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    First go with 4 Bazaar and 2 Bad Santa so against warrior just cast Bazaar and they won't have too much cards advantage from Blood Frenzy.

    Put one more Shriek instead of Shard of Power. Like said in the previous post x1 card isn't good, and shard is useful only as finisher.

    Drop the Energy Disharge which is not as good as it used to be, and the 2 Armor of Age, now everybody can detroy it and it slow your tempo for nothing since it doesn't help for board control, instead add 3 Plasma Behemot or 3 Dimention Ripper, choose what you prefer.

    I would also put 2 Death Mage instead of Medusil, i like this ally a lot, he can hit stealth allies.
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