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    Noob deck - Need tips (Elementalis)

    Hello all,

    I started playing this game 4 days ago now and I am rating 200. I seem to lose every game I play now and I need some tips to improve. Here is my deck:

    1x Elementalis

    2x Deathbone
    1x Keldor
    2x Infernal Gargoyle
    3x Brutalis
    4x Plasma Behemoth
    2x Belladonna
    2x Death Mage Thaddeus
    2x Carniboar
    3x Shadow Knight
    3x Ogluth the Glutton
    2x Spark


    4x Conversion
    1x Transference
    4x Mind Control
    1x Feedback
    1x Shard of Power
    4x Life Infusion
    2x Shriek of Vengeance
    1x Rain Delay
    2x Ley Line Nexus
    2x Ghostmaker
    1x Soul Reaper

    I admit it looks lousy, but I wanted to start the game without to much help but it seems I require some help now .

    Thanks in advance

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    Ok let's begin.
    First of all Elementalis is not one of the best heroes. So I would suggest, that you play Zaladar instead.

    However if you like Elementalis, play him, but don't expect to win lots of games in the higher ratings.

    Then your deck is very random. Try to avoid having cards with only 1 copy in the deck. You either want to play the cards, then you need at least 2 copies, most of the time 3-4 copies in your deck, or you don't want to play this card, then you don't put this card at all in your deck.
    Every card, that is part of your winning strategy, must be 4 times in your deck. Also any card you want to cast early in the game.
    Think about what would be your best play for turn 1 - turn 5 and all cards you need 4 times.

    And last but not least, your deck should as close as 40 cards as possible. Because the bigger the deck, the less are the odds for getting an important card (like Mind Control) if you need it.

    The most played 3cc allies (cc = card cost) are Infernal Gargoyle, Death Mage Thadeus, Bad Wolf or Medusil. So I would suggest taking them instead of Death Bone or Keldor.
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    I would try adding 4 x Sliver of Shadows as it allows Elementalis to keep up the early game pace with your opponent when going second. They can also serve to finish off opponents in death race scenarios.

    Swapping the Ghostmakers with Dimension Rippers would help with card draw.

    Rain Delay seems counterproductive in an ally heavy deck like this one.

    You could check out the Elementalis deck that I posted a few weeks back for some other ideas. That deck does very well against Mages, Hunters, and Zaladar.!


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