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    Please post your BEST card ideas on this thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne21Ray View Post
    Card Name- Cult of Baphomet
    Shadow Ability
    Cost- 3CC
    Ability- When there are 2 or more allies in your graveyard, heal 2 damage per turn up to a maximum of 12-15 (or no max at all) and deal 2 damage per turn for enemy hero up to a min of 5 (or no min at all).
    Flavor Text- Up to you. But include something about Baphomet.
    10/10 for originality and the write-up. I assume this is a hero attachment since abilities can't stay on board permanently otherwise.

    Unfortunately, I think adding this card to the game would do more harm than good, as it would find its best home in non-interactive stall decks that we are taking steps to discourage.

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    Raxos, Scourge of Raksul
    Shadow Ally - Unique [L]
    Cost: (6)
    Attack: 3
    Health: 6
    When Raxos enters play, your hero gains 1 Shadow Energy. When Raxos is placed into your graveyard from anywhere, draw a card.

    (This means that if either Raxos is killed, or if he is discarded from somewhere into the graveyard, the cantrip ability would trigger.)

    Thriss Malefactor
    Shadow Ally - Ravager [R]
    Cost: (4)
    Attack: 2
    Health: 6
    When Thriss Malefactor is summoned, target item loses 1 durability.
    Whenever an item loses durability, all allies take 1 damage.
    (1): Target item loses 1 durability

    Thriss Channeler
    Shadow Ally - Ravager [C]
    Cost: (4)
    Attack: 2
    Health: 6
    When Thriss Channeler enters play, target item loses 1 durability.
    Whenever an item loses durability, all friendly heroes and Ravager allies heal 1 damage.

    (1): Target item loses 1 durability

    Elemental Ability - Attachment [C]
    Cost: (3)
    Attach to target damaged friendly ally until the end of your turn. That ally gains +4 attack and is killed after it deals combat damage.

    Neutral Ability [R]
    Cost: (6)
    Target enemy ally and all allies sharing that ally's alignment are killed. Draw a card.

    (For instance, targeting an Armored Packbeast would kill it and all homunculi on the board; targeting and killing a Guardian of Unaxio would also kill all Templars, etc.)

    Reap the Wilds
    Hunter Ability [C]
    Cost: (3)
    One of your resources is destroyed: Your hero heals X damage, where X is the number of resources you control.

    Seeds of Ruin
    Hunter Ability - Support [U]
    Cost: (5)
    Duration 1 - At the beginning of each player’s turn, the ally with the lowest health that player controls is killed.
    If a an ally is not killed in this way, that player’s hero takes 1 damage and one of that player’s resources is destroyed.

    Spore Bomb
    Hunter Item - Trap [C]
    Cost: (2)
    When your hero is attacked by an opposing ally, that ally and all adjacent allies are poisoned.

    Gift of the Forest

    Hunter Item - Trap (Unique)
    Cost: (2)
    If you control Gift of the Forest and it is a Trap at the beginning of your turn, it becomes a weapon with Attack 3, Durability 1, and bow attack type.

    Plague Mine
    Shadow Item - Artifact
    Cost: (2)
    Durability: 3
    (1): Deal 1 damage to all allies and players; Plague Mine loses 1 durability. Activating this ability does not exhaust Plague Mine.

    Tainted Stores
    Rogue Item - Artifact [C]
    Cost: (3)
    Durability: 1
    (1D): All enemy allies are poisoned.
    Once per turn, when a poisoned opposing ally is killed, Tainted Well gains 1 durability.
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    Rogue Item - Artifact
    While you control a weapon weapons cost you 2 less resources to summon.
    While you control an armor armors cost you 2 less resources to summon.
    You may summon artifacts even if you already control one of the same name. When you do return that card to your hand.

    Framed (Unique)
    Rogue Ability - Attachment
    Attach to target opposing ally. Whenever an attack made by your hero would be defended all combat damage that would be dealt to your hero is dealt to the attached ally instead.
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