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    Trade Real Cards

    Im from Germany and try to trade some Cards in Europe.

    Want: (trade or buy)

    se036 u Armored Sandworm 3
    se038 r Tainted Oracle 1
    se039 r Earthen Protector 1
    se040 e Aeon Stormcaller 1
    se057 r Molten Destroyer 1
    se170 r Cobraskin Wraps 1


    EPICS: (each 1x)

    se165 The King's Pride
    se199 Fangs of the Predator


    se150 Sacrificial Lamb 1
    se162 Snow Sapphire 1
    se167 Wrath of the Forest 1
    se176 Legion United 2
    se177 Twice Enchanted Robe 1
    se178 Shadow Armor 3
    se181 Mournblade 1
    se183 Berserker's Edge 1
    se184 Jeweler's Dream 1
    se187 Beetle Demon Bow 2
    se189 Wrath of Summer 2
    se190 Voice of Winter 1
    se193 Wizent's Staff 1
    se195 Ghostmaker 2
    se198 Anklebreaker 2

    Foils/EA: (each 1x)

    se002 Amber Rain
    se009 Lance Shadowstalker
    se058 Brutal Minotaur
    se140 Honored Dead
    se156 Sever Ties
    se175 Mocking Armor
    se184 Jeweler's Dream
    se186 Guardian's Oath

    I got commons and uncommons just ask for....
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